luxuryWe left off in our previous post on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC trucks in Canada, discussing the concept of luxury in our new pickup trucks on today’s market.  The fact is, the luxury model has caught up to the truck world and more and more enthusiasts are looking for just that.  “In our recent research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer, we found the following share-worthy quote, GMC, the upscale truck and SUV division of General Motors, is attacking that market. caught up with Stu Pierce, senior marketing manager for GMC trucks and full-size SUVs, to talk about the marketplace and where the brand fits in.”

The question was asked, “What’s happening at GMC these days?”  This is what we found:  We showed the new Sierra Denali in Detroit in early March, and the new Sierra AT4 debuted at the New York International Auto Show. The interesting thing about the AT4 is that it’s not just a new model on Sierra, but it’s actually an all new sub-brand that we’re going to offer across the complete GMC portfolio. Within two years, we’ll have an AT4 model across all GMC vehicle lines.  All of the above is being relayed on behalf of your GMC Truck sales in Thunder Bay ON in Canada.

What’s the main difference between the Sierra Denali and the Sierra AT4?  This is another common question you will find online and here amongst new GMC Truck consumers in Thunder Bay ON.  The following is true, “They’re both targeted for the premium end of the segment — consumers who want a truck with all the high levels of comfort, luxury, refinement and technology. The Denali is targeted more toward that premium end. The buyer may be looking for a little bit more chrome, more of a mainstream vehicle.”