safe in snowWhen it comes to safety in your new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, one thing that will be of the best assistance, hands down, is the optional onstar crisis assist services that give GMC Truck owners with active onstar service a means to facilitate emergency assistance and other resources in the event of adverse weather or other emergency situations both on and off the roadways in their new GMC Trucks in Canada.

Here is what we found in our research online on behalf of your GMC trucks dealers in Thunder Bay ON, “In times of emergency – especially when facing extremely dangerous weather like a tornado or hurricane – communication is critical. GMC owners can leverage the capabilities of OnStar – including its Crisis Assist service – to find the help they may need in the wake of a powerful storm.”

When it comes to the GMC trucks in Canada and other places too, the following quotes are from OnStar and do a great job summing up some of the key points and reasons why you may want to strongly consider this feature before you buy your next new GMC Truck in Thunder Bay ON.  “Our team actively works to help manage any crisis – especially ones in the wake of these storms — for our OnStar customers, or anyone else who’s able to get to someone with an OnStar-equipped vehicle,” said Catherine Bishop, Global Emergency Services manager at OnStar. “Whether it’s addressing an emergency, providing evacuation routes, helping find an available shelter or a hotel — whatever the case may be – we’re prepared to lend a hand.”  This help, obviously, does not discount the importance of preparing for inclement weather, but it doesn’t hurt to know that you have additional support available in a time of need when behind the wheel of a GMC Truck in Ontario.