snow covered roadsToday, we continue our discussion of GMC Truck tires and how to choose the best ones for the winter months in Canada.  They have 2 main varieties, studded and studless.  In a previous post, we discussed the studded variety and how, as effective as they are, they definitely have their downsides.  They put out a lot of noise, for example, making your GMC Truck ride rather noisy.  They are also a bad idea in the summer months, as they will wear out faster and actually damage the ice-less roads.  Let’s look at an area of truck tire options that has improved drastically over the years and that eliminates the studs altogether, shall we?

“Although studded tires are capable of handling icy driving situations, improvements in the rubber compounds of modern studless winter tires have made them more capable of handling some of winter’s most extreme driving situations.”  Many GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay will have studless tires, as truck owner all over the US and Canada begin preferring the studless snow tire.  “Instead of relying on metal protrusions in the tread, modern non-studded winter tires lean on advances in rubber compounding, tread designs, and other unique technologies.”

In the cold temps of winter in Canada, a non-winter tire’s rubber will get stiffer and less capable to match the road’s bumps and grooves.  The idea of a tire is to sort of conform and stick to the road’s irregularities as you cruise around in your Thunder Bay GMC trucks.  The rubber in a modern studless snow tire is capable of flexing as needed.  This is due to advances in rubber compounding technologies in the recent years.  Bridgestone remarks, “This increased rubber flexibility allows tires to maintain traction on snowy, icy, wet and dry driving surfaces.”