art pallateYou know, when we talk about all of the latest that heavy duty pickups have to offer, we would be remiss not to recognize the fact that GMC trucks, as well as all others on the market used to be so devoid of features it really isn’t funny.  “Not so long ago, heavy-duty pickups were agricultural workhorses with all the amenities of a covered wagon,” says one writer from Motor Trend.  There is no doubt that all new trucks across the board, both GMC trucks and others in the same heavy duty class, are constantly working to beat out the competition.  This battle ensures that consumers will never lack a new truck with more power, agility and efficiency than the one that came before it from your local Canada car dealers.

This year, GMC trucks is making it about more than just the strong capability and efficiency that we have grown accustomed to in our new trucks from car dealerships in Canada and the US.  This year, GMC trucks, such as the Sierra 2500HD Denali, are upping the ante.  For a new truck that is designed primarily for use in and around the job sites of your choice, they really went all out in the offering of high end features and technology galore…stuff that we are not at all used to experiencing in anyone’s new truck lineups.

“The 2015 GMC Sierra HD and Chevrolet Silverado HD share their light-duty brethren’s improvements, and GMC says one out of every four HD trucks it sells is a crew-cab-only Denali model.”  The GMC trucks from your GMC Sierra Dealer in Canada, that belong to the Denali lineup take the lesser Sierra styling and amplify it to even more industrial art age style and flair.  When you see the flare of design both inside and out of these new GMC trucks in Canada, you will have no difficulty understanding exactly what we mean.