I love trucksWhen it comes to the GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay, there is always a wealth of information waiting to be passed along to you.  Coming from the US, but being sold out of your GMC Trucks dealers in Canada, let us begin in Detroit when painting this new truck picture.  “The Detroit Three continue to add chrome, leather, wood and high-tech features to their pickups to turn vehicles that were once viewed as workhorses into refined, luxurious vehicles that can still tow a boat or haul gear.”

The prices for these new GMC Trucks, along with the others on the list, are going up along with the quality.  Some would argue this is a given and that most consumers are willing to pay more for a better truck.  “Over the past several years designers have continued to push the limit, elevating the price of high-end pickups past $50,000 and then past $60,000. And that’s just for the full-size pickups. The average price for most high-end versions of the larger heavy duty pickups exceed $70,000.”

You really will get what you pay for, though, with the added features in today’s top trucks of Canada and the US, moving way up the technology ladder.  “Today’s top-of-the-line trucks have heated steering wheels, heated and cooled seats, aluminum wheels, along with all of the latest high-tech features such as rear-view cameras and blind spot monitoring systems — not to mention enough chrome to blind onlookers on a sunny day.” Trucks, such as the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, continue to surprise the industry with popularity numbers too.  Each and every time a new one is rolled out, the response is through the roof, making a good argument for continued efforts to go big or go home.