winnerThe trucks in the GMC Canyon lineup in Thunder Bay ON are the ones we plan to focus on in this and the next article.  For starters, compact and midsize pickups fulfill an important role even if they are not quite as popular as the full size pick-ups on the roadways today. For the many truck buyers whose towing and hauling needs don’t require the capabilities of a full-size, these more nimble and fuel-efficient trucks are the perfect choice. GMC’s entry level awesome new truck in Thunder Bay in this segment is the GMC Canyon.

Here is a bit of history on these new trucks for sale in Thunder Bay ON, “The GMC Canyon was first sold from 2004 to 2012 and then revived in 2015. Now in its second generation, the Canyon offers rugged styling, a pleasant ride, capable engines and a relatively expansive array of feature content. With enough power on tap to tow and haul, it easily handles all the functions you expect a truck to fulfill. And like many of the top pickups these days, it goes a step further by providing enough luxury and comfort to make it an amenable companion on your daily commute.”

If you look at these trucks from before today, you will see that the previous generation of the GMC Canyon had handsome sheet metal, impressive crash test scores and muscle from an available V8, but there were a few kinks to be worked out. It has been found in our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks that the current GMC Canyon is a standout in its segment, and its robust power, pleasant driving dynamics and agreeable cabin should “hit the sweet spot for many who are in the market for a midsize truck.”  The kinks have been worked out, it is safe to say.