improvement gearsWe mentioned in our most recent post about GMC trucks, that there were some investments made in technology and environmental upgrades to one of the primary North American plants where many of the GMC trucks are made for sales in the Canadian dealerships, such as Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay ON. We ran short on time and space before elaborating on the details of these changes and how they will help to reshape the sales of GMC trucks in Canada at dealers such as Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay. “The investment includes many technological and environmental upgrades:”

  • The addition of a new pre-treatment facility featuring thin-film paint pretreatment
  • The addition of E-coat paint customized to each vehicle style, resulting in superior coverage and curability for new GMC trucks
  • GM-patented radiant tube ovens for exceptional paint finish and lower energy use in the new truck plant
  • The addition of new equipment that accommodates the many variations of the new GMC truck cab and box being placed on the chassis
  • And finally, last but not least, the addition of new skillet conveyance systems for instrument panel assembly intended to improve worker ergonomics, leading to better product quality in the GMC trucks lineup upcoming.

The union representative for the GMC truck plant workers was quoted as saying, “These new technologies and equipment will help fulfill the mission of the men and women of Fort Wayne Assembly and UAW Local 2209 to build the best full-size trucks available,” said UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada. Another great point as it pertains to the new truck plant investments is related to the affects the changes can have on others, “The investment improves the plant’s competitiveness so we can continue contributing to the community as well.”