muscle powerWhen it comes to the world of pick up trucks, the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay are right up there with the best of the best.  We set out to discover some of the most helpful and intriguing details surrounding these new GMC trucks in order to pass this information along to you, the buyer and or owner of your own new truck in Canada and we found many things to relay.
You can tow and haul in so many different ways when it comes to these new trucks that whatever the job, you are likely to be covered.  Some testing recently done in the United States, resulted in the following conclusions and information about GMC Trucks of Thunder Bay, “Towing a 26-foot, 9,600-pound Jayco Eagle HT fifth-wheel trailer up the twisting 8 percent grade between Paradox and Telluride, Colo., can put a strain on a pickup truck as the elevation closes in on 10,000 feet. But behind the wheel of the 2017 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali dually I recently drove, the travel trailer barely affected driving performance, requiring little more than a light touch of throttle to maintain speed.”
The engine is a wonder all to itself when you are talking about the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, namely the Sierra Denali 3500.  With an extra new 6.6 liter LP5 Duramax turbo diesel under the hood, you will be buying and parking in your driveway one of the strongest trucks all around.  These will handle all of your recreational needs as well as anything commercial or fleet utility that you may have in mind.  Come drive a new GMC Truck in Canada today and see for yourself all that these trucks have to offer.