5 cylinder engineThe GMC Trucks in the works for 2015, the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon have an interesting engine to report.  The biggest engine available from GMC will be an inline five cylinder for each of these new trucks, as opposed to a V-6.  The new in line five and its closely related cousin, the four-cylinder are both modern double overhead cams and each has variable valve timing.  According to a recent article on Forbes website, “Both of these new motors are derived from GM’s excellent new 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder that powers vehicles such as the Chevy Trailblazer and GM Envoy.”  These two inline engines, both the 5 and 4, have twin balance shafts as well, to reduce and cancel out vibrations from the engine.  The inline 6 does not have such features.

You may wonder how the five cylinder fairs against the common truck engines that are V-6 on the market in most new trucks today?  The answer is, very favorably.  To give you a real power example for the GMC Trucks that offer the 5, check out the following from the same Forbes article, “GM’s five-banger has 225 horsepower and 220 lb. ft. maximum torque, whereas the V-6 in Nissan Motor ‘s Frontier has 210 horsepower and 236 lb. ft. of torque. The Nissan, however, requires a supercharger to produce that much power.”

You may also be wondering why the engine, made by GMC in the inline six category, is not being offered in the new GMC Truck, the Colorado?  Experts believe it may have been a practical reason that gives us the answer to this question.  Perhaps this larger engine simply wouldn’t fit.  These new trucks in Ontario Canada were originally designed with blueprints out of Asia, after all.  If not space limitations, we think that efficiency most likely played some role in engine choice as well.  Either way, you won’t want to miss your chance to drive one of these new GMC Trucks for yourself.