When in the market for a new GMC Truck in Thunder Bay ON, you will want to consider the GMC Canyon in your list of possibilities. So, for that reason, we have done our homework in order to bring to you some of the latest information surrounding these new and used GMC trucks in Canada.  Although we are on the brink of the 2018 model lineup, today, we cover the 2017 GMC Canyon simply due to the amount of information still unreleased on the former.

According to Edmunds, the following is true, regarding these Thunder Bay GMC Trucks, “The 2017 GMC Canyon is a strong offering in the midsize truck segment thanks to a smooth ride, strong available engines and many available upscale features. It’s not the best choice for heading off-road or for ultimate comfort, but it’s easy to drive and has plenty of towing capability.”  When it comes to important aspects being searched in a pickup truck, one at the top of the list is just how user friendly the trucks are for the general public to own and operate.  GMC trucks have listened to this request and the latest development of the GMC Canyon in Canada proves this.  “The pickup truck has become a much more user-friendly vehicle over the years. And right at the front of that movement is the 2017 GMC Canyon. A twin to the Chevrolet Colorado, the GMC Canyon is a midsize truck with all the truck capabilities you’ll need, but it also comes with top-level features and a comfortable interior.”

You will have no concern when it comes to towing capability either, in these new GMC trucks.  You can easily tow up to 7,700 pounds all depending upon which configuration you may choose when buying your next GMC Truck in Thunder Bay ON.  It is also quite smooth and solid on the inside and one thing that separates it from other trucks is that it also just as comfortable and solid on the inside.  Many new trucks seem to overlook the importance of that last fact.