to the topWhen it comes to GMC Trucks, the Canyon is at the top of the list.  Not only in our own research and opinions, but also according to the experts who have ranked these GMC trucks in Canada as the Best Midsize Pickup Truck of the year in 2016. put the current lineup of trucks made from many of the top manufacturers to the test, only to discover that the GMC Canyon rose to the very top like the crème of the crop.  “The 2016 GMC Canyon has been named the Best Midsize Pickup Truck of 2016. put the current lineup of midsize pickup trucks to the test in its Midsize Pickup Truck Challenge to determine the overall best option for buyers.”

But, that isn’t all to report, nor is this new information or a title uncommon to these new GMC Trucks in Canada.  The GMC Canyon, the segment’s only premium midsize truck, was also named the top pick by the editors of in a 2015 midsize pickup comparison test.  This is different from truck of the year, but an honor still worth mentioning and being proud of for GMC Truck dealers in Canada near Thunder Bay ON.

Here are a few point made on the GMC Truck website by authorities within the company, “Establishing a benchmark for a premium midsize pickup was our goal with the Canyon, and’s insights affirm our instincts,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “The Canyon’s quiet cabin, premium design and materials make it a maneuverable solution for customers who want the capability of a pickup with the modern amenities customers expect from GMC.” If you want to know more about these new GMC trucks in Canada, stop by your local GMC truck dealer and take one for a spin today.