safetyWe are focusing on GMC Trucks and Buick cars in the next few posts and plan to discuss the added safety features available these days when it comes to these cars and trucks for sale at your GMC Truck Dealer in Thunder Bay ON.  Let’s start by defining the one feature we will be looking at first.  “Lane departure warning systems are a group of safety technologies that are primarily designed to prevent high-speed accidents on highways and freeways. There are a few different types of lane departure warning systems, and some of them are more proactive than others. By warning the driver, or even taking automatic corrective actions, these systems are able to prevent many collisions and run-off-road accidents.”

When looking at just how this feature works in a GMC truck in Thunder Bay, we find out that there are two primary types of lane departure warning technologies. The first type is typically referred to as a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system, according to our research on behalf of your GMC trucks Dealership.   These systems work by monitoring the lane markings on the roadway, which allows them to sound an alarm whenever a vehicle starts to deviate from its lane. This prompts the driver of the new GMC truck in Canada to take the necessary action in order to correct the problem.  Obviously, this entire process does what it should to help to prevent an accident caused by running off the road or colliding into another vehicle.

There is a second type of lane departure warning system, according to our recent research on behalf of your GMC Trucks sales and service in Thunder Bay.  “The other type of lane departure warning system is more proactive, so it is often referred to as a Lane-Keeping System (LKS), Lane-Keeping Assist, or another similar name. These systems also monitor lane markings, but they are capable of taking corrective action. If the driver doesn’t respond to an initial warning, a Lane-Keeping System can typically take action to keep the vehicle from drifting.”  This would be the type most used in autonomous vehicles in the near future.