GMC TerrainThe all-new 2014 GMC Terrain is considered the “no-compromise compact crossover” and it is no surprise to us!  The new Terrain has all things that people are looking for in a new GMC and a new SUV.  It is sporty, yet classy….comfortable, yet powerful and it has all the room you need to get full use out of it every day!  Here are a few highlights of features that you may find of interest:

Roomy Cabin:

  • The GMC Terrain was uniquely designed to be able to accommodate all of your needs, both in the comfort of your captain’s chair and the storage room in the back!  The Terrain was designed with a 2858 mm wheelbase, offering you the room you need.
  • Adding to the roomy cabin features is the Terrain’s multi-flex rear seat system.  This system allows your seats to slide 22 mm forward or backward giving you the space you need in either direction.  Additionally, you will achieve 1013 mm of rear seat leg room.  This just so happens to be the best in the Terrain’s class and is especially important when you have rear seat passengers!  You want them to be comfortable too right?

Exterior Features:

  • The Terrain was engineered and designed so that it would be set apart from all others on the road!  Attention to detail and bold design elements have helped achieve that goal for the Terrain and owners value that aspect greatly.
  • The Terrain is also equipped with the amazing technology of the programmable power liftgate!  This liftgate opens and closes easily with the push of a button and what’s even better is that you can program how high it will open.  This is a convenience that you never realize how much you will love it until you experience it first hand.  You will find yourself saying, “How did I ever go without this?”

At Dominion Motors, we have the inventory you are looking for with the new GMC Terrain SUV in Thunder Bay!  Come visit us today and take a test drive.