at the topThere truly is no denying that when we are the best of the best it shows.  It is reflected in our demeanor and in all that we do, boosting our confidence even more, knowing that others consider us the best of whatever it is we do or whatever function we are specializing in.  It makes sense, then, that when a particular car or truck is deemed the best in class, they actually take on the personified ability of functioning better than ever before.  We as people reflect this capability onto the inanimate object, such as the 2016 GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, specifically the 2016 GMC Canyon, as it was named the best midsize pickup truck of all of 2016.

These trucks, no doubt, have earned the title, according to your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Sales.  People who shop new trucks in Canada know that these particular GMC Trucks are the crème of the crop.  They offer more in the way of options than pretty much any other new truck on the market today. officially named them the best, but to those who have shopped new trucks, the title was just an extra confirmation of what they may already have known from hands on and up close comparisons. had this particular GMC Truck on their radar since it isn’t the first time it was highlighted by reviews and expert awards.  “Canyon, the segment’s only premium midsize truck, was also named the top pick by the editors of in a 2015 midsize pickup comparison test.”  One writer goes on to say, “Establishing a benchmark for a premium midsize pickup was our goal with the Canyon, and’s insights affirm our instincts,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “The Canyon’s quiet cabin, premium design and materials make it a maneuverable solution for customers who want the capability of a pickup with the modern amenities customers expect from GMC.”