GMC TrucksToday, we are writing a series of very informative posts regarding the newest GMC trucks in the GMC Canyon family of new pickup trucks from your Dominion Motors GMC truck dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario.  Compact and mid-size new trucks have been so scarce in the recent years, that the GMC Canyon is a really long awaiting new truck for the industry to put it mildly.  Especially since GMC trucks stopped production of the GMC Canyon for a few years on top of the lack of mid-sized and compact options.  The GMC Canyon is back, though, for 2015 and it is being called a “much more appealing truck in every regard” this year.

The Chevy Colorado is its immediate cousin as the two of these new trucks are so much alike, built on the very same platform in Ontario.  But, the new GMC trucks in the Canyon lineup are larger from an exterior dimension standpoint.  The performance increase this year for the GMC trucks in the Canyon lineup and the overwhelming amount of cutting edge and late breaking technology that you will see in these new Thunder Bay trucks is beyond compare.

“Starting with the practical improvements, the Canyon’s new four- and six-cylinder engines are both more fuel-efficient and more powerful, with V6-equipped models now capable of towing up to 7,000 pounds.”  Then, peering towards the inside of these new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON, we will experience an entirely new and improved interior.  With awesome updates from the materials used and the touchscreen provided on these GMC trucks, suffice to say, you will thoroughly enjoy these new Thunder Bay trucks at your Dominion Motors and should stay tuned for more updates on the 2015 GMC Canyon, as we publish a few more posts regarding all of the improvements to these GMC trucks for sale in Ontario.