New GMC Trucks for SaleSnow, snow and more snow.  Between the extreme cold temperatures and the endless snow, you may find it difficult to get on the road in time in the mornings from time to time.  We are bringing you a few helpful tips that can make your mornings getting out the door a little smoother!  If you don’t have the luxury of housing your truck or car in a garage, then dealing with this weather can be more than frustrating!  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Put a newspaper sleeve over your windshield wipers.  Then you can simply slip them off when you get out to your vehicle in the morning and you won’t have to worry about them being frozen onto the windshield.
  • Add a thin layer of vaseline to the rubber seal of your doors.  This will prevent your doors from freezing shut and will make it easier to get in and out more easily.  This is especially important to consider if you have kids to get in and out of the back seat.  You don’t want them to have to crawl over seats if the back doors won’t open!
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.  This is one that you may not think of as often, but it is important to be prepared in this extreme weather in the event that you were to breakdown or have car troubles.  Your kit should include extra gloves and hats, as well as water, flashlight, batteries, snacks and a blanket to name a few.

Your local GMC Trucks dealer in Thunder Bay wants all of our loyal customers to stay safe this winter season.  If you are driving a GMC truck, then you are already one step ahead of the others when it comes to safety and comfort in the snow and cold temperatures! Contact Dominion Motors today to test drive a GMC truck in Thunder Bay if you don’t already have one of your own!