towing powerHow will you choose your next new or preowned pickup truck in Ontario?  We read up on the subject and have found that the way to choose a new or used truck has a lot to do with the questions you ask before you hit the car dealerships out there in Thunder Bay ON.  “One of the most important questions many individuals ask when looking to purchase a new truck is”…How much can that new or preowned truck tow?”  How does the answer come about?  Well the amount of weight a truck, such as the GMC trucks for sale in Thunder Bay, is able to tow, is determined by the power of the truck’s engine, yes, but that’s not all.  The chassis strength and rigidity comes into play as well as the presence or absence of heavy duty suspension.

GMC trucks are definitely known as some of the best when it comes to towing and they, as a company, know that it is uber-important to find the right truck for the job.  They promise, at GMC, that your local GMC truck dealer will work diligently with you to help you find the pickup that is best for your towing needs.

The current 2015 GMC Canyon is one really great example of GMC trucks and their stunning abilities.  It can offer you the agility of a midsize pickup, yet can still tow up to 7,000 pounds when equipped with the available 3.6-liter V-6 and Trailering Package that is offered here in Thunder Bay at your Dominion Motor GMC Truck Dealer.  We encourage you, as always, to make a trip to our sales department and ask to see one of the GMC Canyon Trucks in which we mention here.  Also, come back very soon to compare that truck to the 2016 version with a Duramax option if you choose!