trendsWhen it comes to looking at old models of GMC trucks in Thunder Bay or really any style vehicle from days gone by, it can be nostalgic or historical, depending upon where you were or where you were not in that particular era.  On behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Dealer in ON, we decided to delve into some of the older trucks in Canada and United States’ past.  Though many individual makes and models from Ford, GMC, Chevy and others made the list of 50 top classic trucks, the GMC Suburban from 1955 is the one we are talking about here.

“Like the Cameo Carrier, the 1955 GMC Suburban Pickup emphasized car-like comfort and convenience along with an upscale exterior appearance — all of which was a fresh take on the pickup-truck formula.”  The GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, like the 1955 GMC Suburban from the old days, usually are notorious for going the extra mile and it was no different back then.  With available high performance Pontiac V-8 power and a production total that was low enough to guarantee that it would make for an excellent collector’s model, the 1955 GMC trucks in Thunder Bay really did take it all the way.

From the looks department, these trucks were also doing quite well.  “Visually, 1955 GMC Suburban Pickup differed from the Cameo mostly in front, where it wore a heavier, droop-mouth grille with two hollow-tip bumper bullets, and a hood inset with a large GMC insignia.”  Both the Cameo and the 1955 GMC Suburban Pickup truck in the US, offered a full flush-side cargo box, a major innovation was from a young GM designer named Chuck Jordan.  It was considered both popular and trend setting.