shutterstock_116301295When buying a new truck, choosing the right sales team is a must.  Yes the make and model are important, but the experience you have with the sales rep can make or break a sale.  Here are some easy steps to make the whole shopping experience go more smoothly.

Research: Go online and check the websites of truck dealers.  Just how informative are they on the site? A dealer who wants your business is going to have lots of easy navigation for you to find the right truck.  Check out the manufactures web site too. Car and Driver and Consumer Reports are good resources.

New or Pre-Owned: Your GMC trucks dealer is going to have many new and certified pre-owned models available for you to choose from.  Remember you can often times get a great deal on a pre-owned truck. Ask to see all models new and pre-owned.

Make a list: Make a list of all the features you need. Then make a list of all the features you want.  Your sales rep will explain to you some of the bonus features only available on GMC trucks that you may come to add to your list of needs and wants.  Don’t forget to ask lots of questions about features you don’t understand.  Remember your sales rep is the expert and should be able to get you answers.

How are you going to pay: Your local dealer will have a finance team available to get the best auto loan.  Many times if you finance through the dealership certain incentives are available. The dealer website may even have a link to get you pre-approved. Ask about this before financing through another source.

Make sure your comfortable: If you feel the sales rep you are working with is not working with you, do not be afraid to ask for someone else.  Trust me the dealership wants to make you the happiest customer they have ever had.  After working in sales for many years, one learns a happy customer is the customer who returns. For the best in customer service visit your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks dealership.