engineOn behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks dealership in Ontario, we like to bring you detailed information of interest surrounding the newest GMC trucks.  We know that there are so many different features available and specifics on new and used GMC Trucks in Canada and unless you are adept in the field, some of the dynamics are simple unknown.  Today, we focus specifically on the GMC truck engines for 2018 and an exact element to the engine known as variable valve timing.

Before such a design was available, a truck’s or a car’s intake and exhaust valves opened a specific amount at a specific point in the four stroke cycle, and also for a very precise amount of time.  There was no variation of this under the hood of your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.   It was that simple. According to experts who write about the variable valve timing online, the following is true now, “Nowadays, however, many engines can not only change when their valves open, but also how much they open and for how long – that is, new cars can change valve timing, valve lift, and valve duration.”

It is true that an average engine’s intake and exhaust valves are opened by lobes on a camshaft. When you have dual overhead cam engines, there are separate camshafts for both the exhaust valves and intake valves on these particular vehicles. Under the hood of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in Canada, these camshafts are made of hardened iron or steel and are connected to the crankshaft with timing belts, chains, or gears. Make no mistake that this piece of writing is mostly to get you familiar with the anatomy under the hood before we explain in more detail, on behalf of your GMC Trucks sales and service in Ontario, just what the variable valve timing signifies to you as a GMC Truck driver and owner.  The bottom line will spell out what you and other owners stand to gain by the presence of this feature.  Stay tuned for the next couple posts that will pick up from here on behalf of your new GMC truck sales in Thunder Bay ON.