water conservingThe study that we discussed in a previous post on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada all had to do with water conservation in car washes.  Since we are always talking about the importance of keeping your new or used GMC Trucks clean, we thought we might look at the implications this may have on the environment and, as it turns out, luckily for us, someone else already did.  The International Car Wash Association thought it might be important to the general public and those in the business of washing cars, trucks and SUVs, to know just what and how the car washes in the world are working to minimize water use, as well as to reuse as much as they can for the greater good of water conservation.

One of the more recent studies we ran across when writing for your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer had the following description, “The principal objective of this study is to determine the volume difference between fresh water consumed and the wastewater discharged while quantifying the average water consumption per vehicle by professional car washes.”

There was data and information gathered from in bay auto car and GMC Truck washes, self service GMC Truck washes and conveyer car washes in three different areas all with different climates (in order to determine if regional differences and resulting climatic changes from one local to another would play a role in results).  “Data collected from in-bay automatic car washes, self-service car washes and conveyor car washes in three different climatic locations were chosen to determine if regional differences in climate had a significant impact on water use or water losses due to differences in evaporation and carryout.”  The results, along with more specific details regarding water conservation techniques in today’s Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer Car Washes will follow in future posts.