water conservationOn behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer, we are writing today to inform you of a subject that has recently been in the news.  That is the idea of water usage in a car wash environment and how the car washes around the nation are having an impact.  “The International Carwash Association has dedicated much of its effort to evaluating the impact of our industry on the environment. To better educate individuals on the influence of professional car washing, we have conducted a series of studies as part of our strategic plan to provide industry leadership.”

The two ideas of water consumption and water conservation are at the heart of the matter and what we focused on the most in our research done for your GMC Truck Dealer in Canada. The International Carwash Association recently paid people to conduct a study of a variety of techniques used to reclaim as well as save water used in carwashes and used to wash your new and used GMC Trucks in Canada.

The techniques and facts of the study are vast and anything but simple.  For that reason, we will be writing about them in several different posts here, on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealer in Ontario.   “In 1999, the ‘Water Conservation in the Professional Car Wash Industry’ report was published.  It described the water use and conservation techniques for self-service, in-bay automatic, and conveyor car washes. The results of that examination were designed to advance the discussion of water usage, conservation and reclaim in the professional car wash industry.”  And, it did just that since recently, this year actually, the International Carwash Association has completed a 2 year study that effectively examines both the usage of water and the impact of evaporation and carryout.  The study also looks at wastewater quality.  Stay tuned for more details about the above research.