Mechanic Fixing Auto In Car ServiceWhen you take your vehicle in to the mechanic because you suspect are problem, there are a few things that you probably love hearing. When your mechanic of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay says, “Oh, no big deal! A wire just came loose. I’ll reattach it for not charge.” Or maybe your check engine light comes on and he explains that your gas cap was just a little loose and not that it’s tight the light will go off automatically.

However, no matter how hard you hope and pray, sometimes it just is not that simple. It could be a lot more work, and consequently, a lot more money that you were hoping for. To help you know what you could be up against, and maybe encourage you to have some money saved in the event of an emergency, Dominion Motors has put together a list of the worst possible diagnoses you could get from your mechanic.

You mechanic says, “Well, your engine stopped running and is now a giant melted mass of metal. The good news is that you can use what used to be the aluminum pistons, steel cylinder and iron crankshaft as a really unique garden sculpture!”

This engine seizing can only be cause by a lack of oil. Which sucks right? I mean, oil is not a hard thing to make sure your car has. But alas, this simple thing could cost you up to $10,000 for a remanufactured engine. Maybe only 3 grand is you manage to find a used engine that fits. The “seizing” comes from the lubrication failing, which means that you did not have enough oil of oil pressure. This causes all the expensive moving parts in the engine to rub against each other until they melt into a useless glob of scrap metal. The really bummer? There is no way to just repair a seized engine. The only way to get the car running is by replacing the engine. The one you toasted? Well, it gets melted down and turned into a thousand BIC lighters.