safety first road signHaving a nice savings account really is a good idea. You never know when you will across a steal of a deal on new living room furniture, or you will decide to upgrade your computer, or even have a an accident with our Buick Car in Thunder Bay Ontario. We know that the last one would suck, but the truth is, sometimes bad things happen. You don’t want to be left without a car. Don’t believe that it could cost a pretty penny? Here are some more examples of expensive car fixes.

So, your mechanic walks in and says, “Have you ever even looked at your Owner’s Manual? You might not know this, but it’s probably shrink wrapped and still in your glove box. If you had checked it you would know that your timing belt should have been changed 20,000 miles ago.”

When it comes to this issue, there are two kinds of engines. First, you have the interference engines. In the trade, they are referred to more lovingly as motor wreckers. Even though the interference engine is a more modern design, where the valves open wider and in the path of the upcoming pistons, there can be some issues You see, as long as the engine is breathing and getting enough power and fuel, it’s great. However, this is a precise process. When the valves are open, the piston is down. But when the piston comes up, the valve closes and gets out of the way. Now, if your timing belt breaks or jumps just one single notch the pistons comes smashing into the valves. This is why it is absolutely crucial to change the timing belt at the recommended time. This way it is changed way before is might break.  New belt? $30. New valves and pistons? $1,500 to $3,500

Second, you have a non-interference engine. For this engine, a broken timing belt will leave you stranded, but it will not crush your valves. If you do not mind the inconvenience of being stuck, you can ignore the replacement recommendations. You’ll only have to get the new belt no matter what.