GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay will soon get that much better with the addition of the 2016 GMC Canyon truck coming soon.  Why are we highlighting this upcoming new GMC truck?  Well, besides the fact that they are incredible new trucks, we are also intrigued by the optional diesel power that Chevy just recently announced and thought that some of you might be too.

“Following Chevy’s announcement regarding optional diesel power for its 2016 Colorado midsize pickup, GMC said its 2016 Canyon also will be available with the same new 2.8-liter/4-cylinder Duramax turbodiesel to complement its existing 4-cylinder and V6 gasoline engines.”  How it works out for you in real time numbers is that you can have a truck that makes 181 horsepower with 369 pound feet of torque with a 6 speed hydra-matic auto transmission, all while burning clean oil in a rather sophisticated engine for any new GMC Truck in Thunder Bay ON.  What makes this engine sophisticated?  Well, due in part to the modified 6-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission fitted with a Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber in the torque converter that helps reduce noise and vibration.

How can they make these new GMC trucks any more appealing?  Well, if you are willing to get out the checkbook and up the ante a bit (to the tune of $3730, to be exact), then you will be privy to the best engine these new GMC trucks have to offer.  “The Duramax engine will be offered on 2016 Canyon SLE and SLT Crew Cab models with rear-drive or GMC’s AutoTrac automatic 4WD.”  What makes this the best engine on these new trucks?  Fuel efficiency is at its best here.  Here’s a bit of a look into details surrounding these fantastic engines in the GMC Truck lineup in Thunder Bay ON, “Part of the Duramax package is GM’s ‘smart’ diesel exhaust brake system that improves control and helps reduce brake wear on steep grades…”