Wi-Fi hotspotHere is our second part on the subject of something really new and exciting coming soon to your local GMC truck dealerships in Canada and the U.S.  “GMC vehicles equipped with 4G LTE will allow passengers to stay connected on the go by browsing the Internet, downloading movies, playing games or sending email. With an antenna more powerful than those in smartphones, this technology also offers improved access to existing OnStar safety and security services, the most comprehensive in-vehicle safety and connectivity system available.”

Let’s take some time to examine what that looks like for your own family.  Can you see the benefit the same way I can?  I see Elmo downloading for the toddler and no one else has to listen because he is, of course listening with his headphones on.  I see my husband playing his online word games and the eight year old listening to his favorite KidsBop on his tablet with excellent signal quality.  I am driving while my brother watches his HBO movies, streaming from his tablet and no one is bothering anyone.  Best of all, when it’s time to turn it all off and have some family time, searching the billboards for each consecutive letter of the alphabet, we will all be in such a great mood having spent our own personal free time perusing the roads of Canada in our GMC trucks while exploring our electronics as we each see fit.

“This technology is a great feature for all of our customers,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president of Buick and GMC. “From those who use their Sierra or Yukon as a mobile office, to the families taking trips in any of our vehicles, they can enjoy the benefits of 4G LTE for work or play.” How do you see your family benefiting from the Wi Fi hotspot and 4G LTE connectivity in the new GMC trucks of Thunder Bay?