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New GMC AT4 Trucks in Thunder Bay

upcomingIn our most recent efforts to research and review many of the new GMC  Trucks in Thunder Bay ON, we have been focused on the future of the 2019 GMC Sierra, since we started getting wind of its awesome offererings, that is.  “Having already debuted the range-topping versions of the 2019 GMC Sierra pickup, General Motors pulled the wraps off another new Sierra, one that might actually see some mud on its tires.”

There was an off road version of these new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay that hit the public ahead of the 2018 New York Auto Show.  It was delineated the AT4 and it consumes most of what we plan to share here today.  Similar to the Chevrolet Trail Boss Silverado revealed late last year, now GMC has its own version of such a new truck. “The AT4 treatment, GM says, will apply to most other GMC models in the coming two years.”  So, for the reason above, it is good to know your stuff now before the AT4 becomes readily available and prevalent on the new truck market.

In the lineup of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON, namely the Sierra for now, the AT4 gets some decent off-pavement cred to go with its factory two-inch lift. Standard equipment includes the following: 4WD, a locking rear differential, skid plates, Rancho shocks, 18-inch wheels and Goodyear DuraTrac off-road tires that should make the AT4 much more capable in the backwoods than the base truck. Also standard is a two-speed transfer case, hill descent control and a traction select system.  In the new GMC Sierra Truck lineup for sale in Thunder Bay, the AT4 is essentially the kind of premium truck plenty of buyers want but can’t usually get off the showroom floor, leaving them to go aftermarket once they decide to add some heft with a lift, suspension and tires. No word, of course, on what the upgrade will cost, but we hope that the affordability obstacle is lifted to some extent.  Stay tuned for more as these new GMC Trucks hit the road.

Some Worthy Buick Car Adjustments

worthy flagsToday, we look closer at the Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON and hone in on the Envision that we wish to discuss further from last month’s information and posts that we completed here where we stopped talking after brushing on the new information regarding the exteriors of these new Buick cars in Canada.  Now, let us take some time to explore the insides of these new Thunder Bay Buick cars for sale in Ontario.

“On the inside, Buick has installed a standard air ionizer for the climate control system to help eliminate odors.”  China was the spark for this fire and we read that you can thank the pollution-choked conditions in many Chinese cities for that one. The seat warming feature is also improved upon drastically in the new Buick cars in Thunder Bay.  “Buick also redesigned the seat heaters to warm more quickly and upgraded the rear camera system to switch from light to dark conditions more smoothly.”  These are not the only improvements we see in the Buick car sales in Thunder Bay ON, as these particular models experience other things well worth mentioning.  “And Buick now allows the driver to choose between conventional cruise control or adaptive cruise on models so-equipped.”  These changes, according to many experts and critics online, are all for the better and make many people flock to these new Buick cars.  The powertrain changes that were discussed in the previous posts are definitely the ones that made the most difference in the sales of these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay.

Understand, also that the Buick Envision cars may be imported from China, but on the inside they feel every bit like American Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON. According to critics, this is based mostly on the choice of leather. According to a top critic, the following is true, “On our $44,595 Premium II tester, the heated and cooled leather seats were smooth, softly padded and felt upscale.”  Swing by your Thunder Bay Buick Dealer and drive one today.

Building Two Different Versions in GMC Trucks

two versionsIn recent efforts to bring you late breaking news regarding the GMC Trucks for sale in Canada at your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership, we follow some of what many different credible sources have to share online.  Jerry Dias, president of Canada’s Unifor union, said he doesn’t know when production of the current model will end and this is news we wanted to pass along on behalf of your Thunder Bay Dealership in Canada so that you can learn more about the Equinox upon which we settled our discussions in the previous post but never really took the time to wrap up.  We plan to do that here.

“They are being very careful about what they are announcing right now. But they have invested a fortune in Oshawa,” Dias said. “Right now the commitment is to the existing portfolio. More decisions will be made.”  We also know, according to our recent research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck sales that the idea of building two different versions of the same nameplate isn’t new to the industry — and certainly not to General Motors.

Here is an actual example of Thunder Bay GMC Trucks doing the above mentioned, “As the automaker transitioned to the next-generation Equinox in early 2017, it still produced the outgoing model alongside the new version for a time. Unfinished Equinox vehicles were sent to Oshawa from GM Canada’s Ingersoll, Ont., plant. Eventually, Oshawa stopped receiving the overflow Equinox.”  When it comes to the latest information surrounding the Equinox, as well as other Buick cars and GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay, we will push to stay on top of new information worth sharing, but for now the heads up of what is expected above is about all we could find to close out this subject.  Stay tuned to our website for more news on GMC Trucks sales in Thunder Bay and future worthwhile developments.