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Delivering Luxury to the New Buick Car Lineup

luxuryWe are diving deeper into the Buick Envision and finding our just where people and car dealers stand when it comes to these new cars in Thunder Bay.  One Buick car site in Canada reports, “Initial owner feedback and solid sales growth indicate the Buick Envision is delivering the luxury and features desired by compact SUV customers.” We do know, from our research on behalf of your Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario, that refinements across the 2019 Buick Envision are aimed at providing the best that the vehicle offers, plus the flexibility and options customers desire most at a price point true to Buick’s “attainable luxury” promise.

All trim levels that are made available on this new Buick Envision in Thunder Bay have been adjusted toward the heart of the premium compact SUV market, further positioning these new Buick cars to capture the interest of a slew of loyal Buick owners.  Which ones in particular, you may ask?  Well, the ones focused on the most here are those who are looking to move up to the next-sized compact SUV along with conquest buyers who are considering Buick cars in Canada for the first time.

“The new Envision is our latest addition to one of Canada’s fastest growing SUV lineups”, said Michael MacPhee, brand director, Buick Canada. “With one of the freshest showrooms in the industry, Buick is providing customers with more choices than ever before.” These new Buick cars in Thunder Bay are said to be thoughtfully refined inside and out.  We plan to spend some time in the posts upcoming to delve into further details on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership, specifically covering the inside and outside list of refinements along with what is happening underneath the hood of these new Buick cars.

The Buick Envision Revision

revisionWhen it comes to Buick cars in Thunder Bay, there are many models worth picking apart, but today our focus lies on the 2019 Buick Envision for sale at your Thunder Bay car dealership in Canada.  “Refined design cues, responsive performance enhancements and intelligent technology expand on the Envision’s growing popularity.”  The 2019 Buick Envision features a newly sculpted front and rear, signature grille and new wheel choices for starters.

When it comes to new Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON and overall Buick car design, the primary focus is always on quality and safety. The design and engineering teams also seek input on a regular basis from current Buick Envision owners to enhance the vehicle with each new model year.

“Some of the 2019 Envision’s most notable changes are the results of listening to our customers,” said Elizabeth Pilibosian, Envision chief engineer. “Beneath the updated exterior are a number of changes guided by a goal of offering the most refined and pleasant driving experience possible.”  Some of the highlights for these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay are as follows:  a new nine-speed automatic transmission for 2.0 liter turbo models of Buick cars in Canada.  2.0 liter turbo engines that offer increased vehicle performance of 252 HP and 295 torque.  With the new updates to the engine and transmissions of these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay, you will be able to go 0-60 mph in just under a half a second quicker than the Buick cars in this same lineup from the previous model year.


Tracking GMC Truck Progress

track recordLooking at all that happens in a GMC Truck in Thunder Bay portfolio, we know that it can be particularly difficult to handle yourself when you are a twin, such as the GMC Sierra.  The Sierra shares a platform with its corporate twin, the Chevrolet Silverado and according to all we read in our recent research, it is one of the top trucks for sale in Thunder Bay. It has positioned itself as a more premium alternative to the Chevy truck, but it’s been a difficult case to make when you consider how similar the two trucks have been, for some people, they struggle with leaning in one particular direction or the other, but the GMC Sierra is at the top of the list for most actually.

For 2019, the Sierra gets a redesign that gives it more individuality. Its new exterior design is bold and striking, and it does a lot to set this GMC truck apart from the Silverado. More importantly, the Sierra adds innovative content that isn’t available on rival trucks, and this should give it an edge in the current marketplace.  Worth mentioning on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks is the fact that the GMC Sierra, last year, pulled out all the stops, moving 217,943 new trucks which gave it a strong enough performance and finish to put it into 17th place for best selling vehicle in the year of 2017.

There were still a few new trucks ahead, no doubt, but seriously, those are numbers to be reckoned with and we know that improvement can often times mean more than overall finish.  These new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON, continue to amaze us with increased sales over the previous year each time we look at track records.  This latest overhaul better positions the GMC Sierra to realize its full sales potential, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of shortcomings.  It is worth mentioning though, that the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay On continue to perform well and sales are not an issue when it comes to these excellent new and used GMC Trucks in Canada.