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The 2016 Buick Regal

featuresThere are many different new and used Buick Cars from which to choose if you are indeed in the market.  The question may be whether new or pre owned is best for you and your family, which model best suits you and from whom you wish to buy?  Here, we will begin a discussion regarding the Buick Cars in the Regal lineup.  They are some of the more popular new Buick Cars in Thunder Bay.  Designed in Europe but built in Canada, the Regal is available in four trim levels: base Regal, Premium, Premium II and the sporty GS.

The entry level, standard engine is a 259-horsepower, 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinders under the hood.  This engine is combined with a six speed automatic transmission at your local Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay ON.  You can have either front or all wheel drive in the Buick Regal cars from Canada.  Available in this Buick Car lineup is the 2.4-litre inline-four with eAssist technology.  As well as a  lithium-ion battery and electric motor generator which both enable regenerative braking, and instead of all-electric propulsion, the system provides power assistance to the internal combustion engine. The system also allows the engine to shut down fuel delivery in certain situations, or at a stop, according to information found online in this article written on behalf of your Buick Car Dealer in Thunder Bay.

There are new enhancements discussed that came about for these 2016 Buick Cars and they are on the IntelliLink system.  They include new high-resolution display screens and more intuitive controls all of which give these new Buick Cars of Thunder Bay a safer and more technologically advanced title.  OnStar 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot are also standard in the lineup for these new Buick Cars in Canada. Optional Driver Confidence packages provide a wide range of automated safety features that do nothing buy boost consumer confidence in these excellent new cars.

What is the Worst Thing Your Mechanic Can Tell You? (Part 3)

Car mechanic changing oil - model and oil motion blurred.Back on the subject of an overheated engine for your GMC Truck in Canada, we talked about how it could go well. Unfortunately, we also have to tell you what could go really wrong. In the event that you drive with the overheated engine for too long, you can do some serious damage. The most common atrocity of frequent or severe overheating are a blown gasket, a cracked head, or a cracked block. And yes, all of those are as bad as they sound. Respectively, it could end up costing ten grand.

So maybe your mechanic says, “Yeah, we figured out why your car does not move when you put it in drive. The transmission STB.”

Translation? Your tranny did what the pro call “soiled the bed.” So, the good news is that your engine is still running. The bad news is that it isn’t actually attached to your wheels anymore. There are several reasons that a transmission might fail. With more modern cars, it is not uncommon for and electronically controlled automatic transmission to have a software related problem. In this case, you might be looking at $300 to have the computer reprogrammed. However, if your transmission’s internal components have started to disintegrate due to old age, overheating the tranny, or animalistic driving habits, you might have to tap into your home equity to shell out the five grand.

He says, “You have antifreeze blowing out your tailpipe.”

Remember when we mentioned the cracked head, blown head gasket, and cracked block? Well, that’s what we have ere. You should never, ever see antifreeze coming from your tailpipe. You see, your engine’s cooling system is closed, meaning that the coolant just moves in a circle to all of it’s components. It should not ever leave that loop. All of these issue are a result of, your guessed it, overheating. The fix it cost? One to four thousand.

Check Out The Used Vehicle Inventory At Dominion Motors

Pre Owned Car dealer There is no doubt that when you purchase a new or pre owned vehicle with Dominion Motors you are getting a quality vehicle. One of the greatest things about Dominion Motors is that they have a wide variety of brands for their used vehicle inventory. These vehicles are all up to your buying standards and are ready to be driven home today. Let’s take a look at a few of the vehicles that are available right now.

The 2014 Chrysler Town and Country is a touring four wheel drive mini van. This mini van has been driven a total of 25,157 kilometers. It comes standard with a regular unleaded V-6 3.6 liter engine and a six speed automatic transmission. The asking price for this vehicle is $29,900 at Dominion.
Get the 2014 GMC Terrain at Dominion Motors for $29,900. This Sports Utility Vehicle has all wheel drive, a six speed automatic transmission, and an I4 2.4 liter engine. It has been driven a total of 18,568 kilometers.
 Another great vehicle is the 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LT. It is a sports utility vehicle that has all wheel drive, an I4 2.4 liter engine, and a six speed automatic transmission. It has an asking price of $29,900 and has been driven previously 17,347 kilometers.
Next we will look at a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 which has a set asking price of $26,900. It is an extended cab pickup with four wheel drive, six speed automatic transmission, and a gas V8 5.3 liter engine. This pickup has been driven a total of 41,450 kilometers.
If any of these vehicles stick out to you then come on down to the dealer with pre owned Buick cars in Thunder Bay, Ontario.