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Self Driving Consideration in GMC Trucks

self drivingOn behalf of your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada, we are covering an interest that many people have their eyes and ears pressed towards lately in the automotive industry and that is the subject of autonomous driving and the cars and trucks that we assume will make their way to the roadways at some point in the not-so-distant future.  There is a level for these new future cars and GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay that involves the collision, if you will, of software and humans, whereby the vehicles become actual self-driving machines.  It is referred to as SAE Level 3.

“SAE Level 3 is where software and humans integrate or collide, depending on the expert describing the process. In SAE International’s list of definitions, it is called Conditional Automation. Think of it as the vehicle being able to monitor its surroundings and drive itself in specific situations, such as on a limited-access highway, with the expectation that a human driver will spring into action, re-assuming control at the vehicle’s request.”  I think that this is the level with which most all Thunder Bay GMC Truck consumers are most comfortable. Afterall, as humans, we are quite resistant at giving up complete control over to a machine and perhaps with good reason.  There can and would be conditions that are likely to arise that will require human thought in order to proceed correctly and in the safest fashion most probably.

Let us think for a minute about road construction.  These situations and scenes are subject to variation such that a machine couldn’t possibly be prepared to handle any and all scenarios, but the human mind can see and act in response to the variations.  “At Level 3, once automation is engaged, the vehicle can handle all aspects of driving until encountering something unexpected, such as a road-construction area, a flooded highway or an accident. When faced with an incident beyond its programming or experience, the automation system will alert the driver to retake control.”  This, in the future Canada GMC Trucks is welcome technology to most and takes out the fear of poor programmed response that would only work in certain specific situations.

How to be the Best Car Customer Ever (Part 2)

Car OwnerKindness is only the beginning of being a good customer to a mechanic of Buick Cars in Thunder Bay. Another very important part of being a good customer in this line of work is being observant. Pay attention to your car. This means in regards to when you normal routine maintenance needs to be done, and with any changes that happen with your car. New sounds or smells could mean an issue. If anything out of the ordinary continues to happen for a week or so, you might want to give you mechanic a call. This is where the observance gets even more important.

Call the mechanic with data. You need to be able to concisely tell the mechanic what the problem is and answer any questions he may have. You need to know when the problem started, how long it has lasted, if it has gotten worse, how fast you have to be going, etc. It will save you money because it will save your mechanic diagnostic time.  Keep in mind, they do not need a journal complete with your car’s oil usage since your have had it. Just give the basic, pertinent information. They will ask questions if they need anything else. If in doubt, pay attention to the mechanic. If they start to seem impatient, they have probably heard enough and just want to get to work.

So, let’s say you find a funny noise but you are not sure if you need to go see your mechanic. The truth is, you have no way of knowing if it is serious or not. Another truth is that there is no harm in asking your mechanic. It is as simple as, “Hey, my car is making this noise. Should I be concerned?” They will let you know what needs to happen.

All in all, treat your mechanic the way you would want to be treated and they will treat you car well. We think that it is a worthy exchange.

How to be the Best Car Customer Ever (Part 1)

Handsome mechanic and client woman in auto repair shop.Being a great customer does not have to be a daunting task. Your dealer of GMC Trucks in Ontario has put together some tips so you know how to communicate well with your mechanic.

What qualities make up a good customer? Well, you can bet they will be pleasant. Also, they are non-confrontational. The best way to approach your relationship with your mechanic is to avoid coming in looking for a fight or assuming that they are trying to rip you off. This is even more crucial in the event that something does go wrong. In a nutshell, good customers have the same qualities as good friends. They know how to explain their problems clearly. This is important it saves your mechanic hassle and it saves you money. When they know the details clearly, they are most likely to get thing right the first time.  And if you are ever in doubt, bringing in some cookies is never a bad thing.

It is not an unusual thing for mechanics to go out of their way for consistently friendly customers. When you are dealing with a salesperson, you are most likely to want to continue to have them work with you. It works the same way with a mechanic. If you treat them with kindness, they will want to continue to do business with you.

To begin any good relationship with a mechanic, ask for some good recommendations. Then, when you go into the shop, tell them that that you came in because of a recommendation. Let them know what kind of cars you have and what kind of care you are expecting. They will be impressed that you took the time to ask people where the best mechanic is and that you are so concerned with the care of your car.