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Luxury Abounds in the New Buick Cars of Thunder Bay

luxuryWhen you think of Buick cars in Thunder Bay, you think luxury. Both inside and outside of each Buick vehicle is meticulously crafted to heighten your driving pleasure. One of Buick’s most high-end vehicles is the Enclave and so it’s the one we will focus on here today. The 2019 Buick Enclave in Thunder Bay ON is crème of the crop when it comes to new Buick car luxury.

There are comfort features galore on the inside the 2019 Buick Enclave at your Thunder Bay Buick car dealership in Canada.  When you open the door, and peek inside, you will be welcomed by a warm and cozy cabin.  The seats are full of style without being uncomfortable.  The cabin is spacious to add to its appeal and the level of quiet surpasses most.  According to our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick car dealership in Canada, “The QuietTuning™ technology utilizes triple door sealing, acoustic laminated glass and specific suspension tuning and other key technologies to keep the cabin as quiet as possible so the passengers can enjoy a quiet time together.”

Options are available to gain even more in the way of luxury and for added features, you can have heated, leather front and second-row seats. Careful when you get into the new Buick Enclave in Thunder Bay ON though, you might never want to get out.  Perhaps second only to comfort, technology is also at the top of the list for these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay as the 2019 Buick Enclave has an interior cabin with an array of high tech features best described in their own post upcoming.

In-Depth Buick Envision Exterior View

deep diveAllow us, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick cars in Ontario, to pick up where we most recently left off in our Buick Envision discussion in Thunder Bay Ontario.  We are discussing all of the great factors surrounding these new cars in Canada and want to make mention that they are most definitely thoughtfully refined, inside and out.

If we were to focus our attention on the outer portions of these new cars in Thunder Bay, we would note that the Buick Envision’s exterior displays a sculpted front fascia, new grille and headlamps that align with the new face of Buick altogether. Distinct horizontal lines on the front create a more premium look and feel, while redesigned taillamps, reflectors and side markers give the back end a wider and more athletic stance. The new 19-inch wheels serve their purpose and provide an expressive and succinct profile.  Still looking outward and around these new Buick cars in Canada, we notice that premium lighting technology is being featured on every single Buick Envision for 2019.  As a standard for these new Buick cars sold in Thunder Bay, HID headlamps with LED Buick signature lighting appears, along with the enhanced performance of bi-functional LED headlamps that come along as standard on the top two trim levels.

Let’s pop the hood to find the Buick Envision offers an astounding balance of performance and efficiency with a nine-speed transmission on 2.0L turbo models that allows for an increase in torque from 260 lb-ft to 295 lb-ft and an improvement in acceleration from years before as well.  A 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine is paired up with a six-speed automatic that remains the standard powertrain for the 2019 Buick Envision lineup.

Delivering Luxury to the New Buick Car Lineup

luxuryWe are diving deeper into the Buick Envision and finding our just where people and car dealers stand when it comes to these new cars in Thunder Bay.  One Buick car site in Canada reports, “Initial owner feedback and solid sales growth indicate the Buick Envision is delivering the luxury and features desired by compact SUV customers.” We do know, from our research on behalf of your Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario, that refinements across the 2019 Buick Envision are aimed at providing the best that the vehicle offers, plus the flexibility and options customers desire most at a price point true to Buick’s “attainable luxury” promise.

All trim levels that are made available on this new Buick Envision in Thunder Bay have been adjusted toward the heart of the premium compact SUV market, further positioning these new Buick cars to capture the interest of a slew of loyal Buick owners.  Which ones in particular, you may ask?  Well, the ones focused on the most here are those who are looking to move up to the next-sized compact SUV along with conquest buyers who are considering Buick cars in Canada for the first time.

“The new Envision is our latest addition to one of Canada’s fastest growing SUV lineups”, said Michael MacPhee, brand director, Buick Canada. “With one of the freshest showrooms in the industry, Buick is providing customers with more choices than ever before.” These new Buick cars in Thunder Bay are said to be thoughtfully refined inside and out.  We plan to spend some time in the posts upcoming to delve into further details on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership, specifically covering the inside and outside list of refinements along with what is happening underneath the hood of these new Buick cars.