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New Buick car trim Avenir is a Hit in Regal Cars

newAs a spring from our previous post on behalf of your Buick car Dealership in Thunder Bay, we will talk about more of the details that go into the Buick cars with the Avenir trim and how that trim adds multiple positives to the new Buick cars in Thunder Bay who have them.

“Buick’s first cloud-connected1 Infotainment System debuts on Regal Avenir, enhancing how customers interact with vehicle features such as profiles, available navigation, voice recognition system updates and applications.”  The primary thing that Thunder Bay Buick car owners are now discussing and enjoying is their ability to personalize their user preferences and seamlessly take that profile with them into any compatible vehicle. This is amazingly convenient for any Buick car driver in Thunder Bay ON.

“Innovation comes standard with Avenir,” said Chris Hay, Product and Pricing director, Buick and GMC. “It is a place for us to showcase our latest ideas to promote occupant well-being before we roll them out to other vehicles in our portfolio. The Enclave Avenir was the first Buick with Evonik Acrylite exterior lighting, a Rear Camera Mirror and an ionizer, and now Buick’s latest infotainment interface will come standard with the Regal Avenir.”  There exist other details surrounding the interior of the Buick Avenir, these include ebony accents on the beige interior with special diamond quilt stitched front seats that are only present on these new Buick cars.  Also, you will find, embroidered first-row headrests and Avenir-scripted sill plates.  Ebony interior is also available on these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay Canada.  There is more drama in appearance as the exterior of these new Buick cars features the new three dimensional mesh upper grille that we saw in some of the aspired after concept cars.  There is definitely more in the way of visual differentiation and complement of overall design with the script badging on the front doors of these Thunder Bay Buick cars.

The Avenir Buick Car Trim

changeWriting today, on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership, we will be discussing the fourth Buick car around the globe to receive the Avenir trim.  “With the addition of the Regal Avenir — the fourth Buick globally to get an Avenir trim in less than a year — the momentum behind Buick’s highest expression of luxury continues to grow.” In the fall of last year, the Buick Enclave Avenir was introduced and began outselling all other Avenir trim levels.  They also made up over 30 percent of total sales in Canada.

According to your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Ontario research, “Customers continue to signal that they want more from Buick, and Avenir sales are exceeding our expectations,” said Mark Alger, national marketing manager, Buick in Canada. “Buick customers value the exclusive styling and premium features Avenir provides and we are excited to extend the highest expression of luxury to Regal.”

Some of the people most thrilled over the Avenir trim in the Buick car world are those who traditionally buy Sportback.  “More Regal Sportback buyers are choosing the top trim level than ever, and within the midsize car segment demand is growing for more premium vehicles.”  In fact, the following stats are found online and support the previous statement: Over the previous four years, demand has risen over 80 percent for midsize cars priced from $30,000 to $40,000, reflecting the increasing customer demand for more luxury, convenience and safety without compromising overall value in the new cars that they drive.  We want to spend more time in the posts that follow on behalf of your Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay, discussing new Buick cars in Canada and this new trim level in particular.  Please check back for the next post about the Buick cars in the Avenir trim this year to follow their inevitable success in the Thunder Bay market.

New Buick cars in Canada

globeSo, if you follow new cars of whichever type because you are an enthusiast, or perhaps you have nothing better to do, then you may notice that certain makes and models are released in specific parts of the world exclusively.  Sometimes it is actually frustrating when it is a car that you have your eyes and heart set on and it never quite makes it to your neck of the woods. We write on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Ontario and recently followed news on the Buick Enspire, making its way into China.  These cars are not here or in Canada as of yet, so it is a great example of the above dilemma.

Why do certain automakers only release to certain geographic location around the globe?  Well Buick cars in Thunder Bay are a hit in Canada, but it is the honest reality that Buick cars are a bigger hit in China.  “It’s also bound for China, where Buick is big. That’s not to say that the Enspire—or something like it, perhaps the next-generation Encore?—wouldn’t have a future in the U.S., but its debut at a Chinese auto show first is telling.”

As far as the Buick car itself, despite the fact it is the first electric Buick car in Thunder Bay ON, it still carries some of the brand’s familiar shapes forward. The Buick Enspire at your local Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay in the future, has a hood and angles that look borrowed from the current Buick LaCrosse sedan, however, its grille and body sides are very new.  “The Enspire’s rear hatch borrows liberally from the Avenir concept from just a few years ago—and with good effect. The Enspire’s rear third is distinctive, even somewhat sporty.”  Your Thunder Bay Buick car dealer also notes that the inside looks like a cockpit and is more futuristic. See for yourself when these new Buick cars become available at your Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay ON.