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GMC Truck Production

newWe searched for newsworthy information to pass along via your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks dealership in Canada and came across the news out of Ontario regarding the GMC Truck sales and upcoming production.  Also, if you are following any of this online, it may be important to read the following, “Editor’s note: GM is upgrading the consolidated line at its Oshawa assembly plant. An earlier version of this story referred to the incorrect line being upgraded.”

General Motors Canada will indeed assemble the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado at its Oshawa plant, but they won’t be the redesigned 2019 models and that is the key bit of new information we found in our recent research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in Ontario.  It is important to understand that the new trucks will be assembles there but that the redesigned, latest versions of these new GMC Trucks will not.

GM unveiled the sleeker, more aerodynamic 2019 Silverado on Saturday in Texas, according to our recent reading.  The new GMC Truck plant in question will, instead, finish assembling and paint outgoing 2018 models shipped to Oshawa from Fort Wayne, Ind., for the foreseeable future.   “Oshawa will be building current model (K2) pickups that helps us meet customer demand while we are in transition to next-generation (T1) pickups,” GM Canada spokeswoman Jennifer Wright wrote in an email to Automotive News Canada. “This strategy will help us meet customer demand as we transition our production and introduce our exciting new models into the market starting later in 2018.  The length of the program in Oshawa will be dependent on market demand.”  What we then read, on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership was that Mary Barra, GM CEO, stated to investors that she expects Oshawa to produce at least 60,000 new GMC Trucks per year.

Changes in GMC Trucks

changeHow do changes impact the new and used GMC trucks of Thunder Bay ON?  Well, depending on the truck, the answer can vary, due in part to the fact that they change to a varying degree.  This year, for example, one of the most popular new GMC Trucks, the GMC Sierra 1500, has very little in the way of anticipated change.  It receives the smallest of changes for 2018, as a matter of fact, and so the effect is small.  However small, the changes do exist and so we will cover them here for you to ponder and use in your consideration of your next GMC Trucks purchase in Thunder Bay Ontario.

One change is an addition of a popular GMC Truck package, the eAssist package at your Truck Dealers in Thunder Bay.  “The eAssist package is now available nationwide after being sold exclusively in California since 2016. This system, which GM calls “mild hybrid,” uses a single electric motor and doesn’t operate as a typical hybrid, meaning it doesn’t power the truck on its own. The lineup adds two new exterior colors—Deep Mahogany Metallic and Red Quartz Tintcoat. Every model now has a backup camera—per a government mandate—and the tire-pressure-monitoring system now has an audible alert when you’re adding air, to indicate when the tire is inflated to the recommended level.”

In the small, yet slightly impactful change category comes things that were untouched as well, believe it or not, as this also bears weight on the new GMC Truck market and choices presented to new truck buyers in Thunder Bay at your local GMC Truck dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario.  Things were removed as well, though only one slight change as the base 1SA trim scraps the outdated 4.2-inch non-touchscreen display for a standard 7.0-inch IntelliLink touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, moving things along in the technological advancement categories.



GMC Trucks From the Inside Out

splendidIn the world of GMC Trucks, we have many we could spend time discussing if we so choose.  It can be tricky to decide actually.  So, we settle today on the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL because of the way in which they embody the excellence in design that Thunder Bay GMC Trucks are known for in Canada.  “Today’s Yukon and Yukon XL full-size SUVs are the embodiment of the design excellence, craftsmanship, and precision engineering expected of a GMC. We’ve gone a step further to elevate Yukon’s design with the new SLT Premium Edition.”

When people are looking to purchase their next new GMC Truck from Thunder Bay, they want something that makes a statement.  “With bold, crisp forms and distinctive lighting elements, Yukon’s exterior is already modern, handsome and striking from all angles.”  The Yukon SLT Premium Edition builds upon this solid styling foundation that we mention above and adds to it’s upscale elements that both catch the eye and have people turning their heads.  There exists a grille that is unique to this GMC Truck in Thunder Bay, with strong, bright horizontal bars that add depth and flair to the SLT Premium Edition’s front fascia and overall stunning looks.

Besides the above, we see bright chrome bodyside moldings and a polished exhaust tip, all of which further refine Yukon’s exterior, while unique design 22-inch chrome wheels – which replace the Yukon SLT’s standard 18-inch bright machined aluminum wheels – lend the Yukon SLT Premium Edition both extreme presence and a stellar stance on the roadways.  Stay tuned for more information covering the premium interior appointments of the GMC Yukon in the GMC Truck Thunder Bay ON lineup, here on behalf of your GMC Truck sales in Thunder Bay and visit your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer in Canada today.