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New Buick Cars and the Inside Scoop

inside scoopWhen looking closer at the Buick cars lineup in Thunder Bay, we find that the 2019 Buick Envision is one of the upcoming most exciting new cars out there.  There are changes from the previous year that we expect to see in the form of refinements.  “Refinements across the 2019 Envision are aimed at providing the best that the vehicle offers, plus the flexibility and options customers desire most at a price point true to Buick’s attainable luxury promise.” Pricing starts at a very reasonable number and is inclusive of Destination Freight Charge and A/C tax.

In a definite effort of capturing a particular crown, all trim levels have been adjusted toward the heart of the premium compact SUV market, further positioning these Buick cars in Thunder Bay in the Envision lineup to capture the interest of loyal Buick owners looking to move up to the next-sized compact SUV and conquest buyers who are considering Buick for the first time. In our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick cars dealership, we found the following input to be worth sharing, “The new Envision is our latest addition to one of Canada’s fastest growing SUV lineups”, said Michael MacPhee, brand director, Buick Canada. “With one of the freshest showrooms in the industry, Buick is providing customers with more choices than ever before.”

Under the hood, we find more worth sharing about these upcoming new Buick car sales in Thunder Bay Ontario.  There is a new nine-speed automatic transmission for 2.0L turbo models, offering increased vehicle performance of 252 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine and transmission updates produce 0-60 mph acceleration just under a half-second quicker than the 2018 model too.  This has plenty of people even more interested in these new Buick cars.  Swing by your Thunder Bay Buick car dealer and take one out today!

Buick’s Version of a Crossover

one versionFrom your Thunder Bay Buick Cars Dealership in Canada, comes our insight and research based gathering of information on a daily basis from our keyboard to your brains.  Today’s topic hones in on the Buick Regal in the Thunder Bay Buick car lineup.  “General Motors introduced two new versions Tuesday of its Buick Regal, both aimed at riding the crest of trends sweeping the auto industry.”

For starters there exists the Buick Regal Sportback.  “The Regal Sportback is a sedan that has been given the slope-back looks of a coupe. It has a fastback-style appearance in which the roof tapers rearward almost to the trunk.” The styling has been around for almost a decade, as it began in the Jaguar’s XJ and Audi’s A7 and has been emulated now in many midsize and large cars, including several from GM, such as this Buick car from Thunder Bay about which we speak.

The second new one on the scene in the Buick cars of Thunder Bay ON, involves a wagon version of the Buick Regal mentioned above.  Denoted as the TourX trim level, it arrives now at a time when most all buyers of new cars, Buick and otherwise, are craving crossovers for the most part.  Those families and individuals buying new cars either want crossovers, it seems, or they are looking at SUVs.  Sedan purchases have slowed down significantly compared to the other two styles.  Here is what reviews are saying about the Buick cars in the TourX category, “TourX is likely to play more on the softer side of the crossover world, competing against models like Audi A4 Allroad and BMW 3-Series Sport Wagon. It will allow GM to offer what it is calling a crossover – even though it is derived from a sedan. Banish the thought of referring to TourX as a station wagon.”

Up Close and Personal to the Avenair Buick Cars

drivingThere is a new Buick car on the horizon, and so, on behalf of your Buick Cars in Thunder Bay, we have decided to brush on what we know thus far from research we did on this Buick Dealer’s behalf.  As written on the Buick Canada press release section of the manufacturer’s website, “With the arrival of the 2018 LaCrosse Avenir, Buick’s new sub-brand expands its offerings and provides customers a way to experience the highest expression of Buick luxury, regardless of whether they’re shopping for a car or SUV.”

The Buick Avenir was first introduced with the 2018 Enclave that went on sale in October.  These Buick cars in Canada feature unique styling cues, an extensive set of standard features and exclusive premium materials for customers who want more than the average sedan driver.  An interesting statistic to share that speaks to the popularity thus far and depicts the profile for a Buick Car in Thunder
Bay customer who may be drawn to these new Buick cars in Canada is as follows, “Nine out of ten LaCrosse buyers are choosing one of the top two trim levels — customers are signaling they want more from Buick,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick and GMC. “With even more content and an elegant look, Avenir adds a unique name and appearance for those who want the best of our attainable luxury.”

It is reported that similar to the Enclave Avenir, the LaCrosse Avenir’s design details were brought about as a result of the award-winning concept cars in order to provide a more dramatic look, expressed through a unique three-dimensional mesh upper and lower grille paired with chrome wings. Keep your eyes on the prize and swing by your Thunder Bay Buick cars dealership to see these particular models up close one day.