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GMC Truck History

historyThere exist many interesting facts to relay to you all surrounding the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON.  When it comes to sales on the new GMC Trucks in Canada, the same goes for the US, the following is true, according to our most recent and advanced research, “Despite — or maybe because of — a lower profile than the Chevy trucks that sold in much higher numbers, GMC developed a reputation for having GM’s best-built trucks.”

GMC was compiled together in the early days from a couple of other companies…Rapid Motor Vehicle and Reliance Motor are the two companies we speak of and they both built their first trucks in Detroit in 1902.  We can look, briefly, at the history of GMC Trucks in Canada now.  Founded by the Grabowsky brothers in Detroit in 1902, GMC has a “G” in their name but it has not one single thing to do with the Grabowsky brothers, believe it or not.  “They called their firm Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. GMC’s second ancestor was the Reliance Motor Co., which built cars and trucks. General Motors bought those companies and merged them into the General Motors Truck Co. in 1909.”

According to our research done on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Dealership, the brothers mentioned above started the business described, with the design and sales of a two cylinder delivery truck.  The GMC Trucks logo was then used for the first time in 1911, then appearing on GMC Trucks for the first time in 1912.  The name was officially changed to GMC the next year in 1913.  Currently, according to our recent GMC truck sales in Thunder Bay, the brand still soars amongst the competition, with the following being true in the US, “GMC is General Motors’ second-biggest brand in the U.S. behind Chevrolet, and third largest globally, where it trails Chevy and Buick. GMC sold 700,000 vehicles in 12 countries in 2016, primarily in North America and the Middle East. GMC’s lineup consists exclusively of pickups and SUVs.”

Learn the Details of Your Buick Safety Features

safety featuresNow, we are back to the covering the specifics about lane departure warning systems in your new Buick cars in Canada, and more importantly, just how to you use these new advanced safety features?  “If your vehicle has a lane departure or lane-keeping system, it’s a good idea to figure out which type you have. Since these two categories of lane departure systems offer different levels of protection, it’s important to know which one you’re dealing with.”  They can be operated with lasers or radars and also can be more or less autonomous acting. Simply but, depending on your new Buick car, or other vehicle, you may or may not have a certain type.

It’s also vital to understand the limitations of these systems as that factor may differ from one system to the next.  Regardless of the vehicle, you ought to get a warning if and when necessary.  “Vehicles that are equipped with an LDW system will issue a warning if your vehicle starts to drift out of its lane.”  Making sure you know what to look for is a great idea before you ever set out in your Thunder Bay Buick car in Canada.  “If you’re familiar with the audible warning or looking for the visual cue on your dash, you’ll be able to take corrective action to prevent an accident.”

If your vehicle is equipped with Lane-Keeping Assist, you have an additional layer of protection, as these are the ones that actually make some adjustments and corrections for you, in your new car or truck in Canada.  “However, these systems are not an excuse for distracted driving. They are able to provide small amounts of corrective braking or steering, but it’s still vital to remain aware of your surroundings whenever you’re on the road.” It is also pretty important to understand what they do so you don’t overcompensate as a result of doing too much in this driving situation.

Let These GMC Trucks Do Something About It

proactiveWe still have more to share on the subject of safety in a new GMC Truck in Thunder Bay ON, and more specifically, more information to pass your way in the area of details surrounding the land departure warning systems.  Yes, there exist two types which we have brushed on previously.  Now, we want to step back a bit and look at how it all started.  “Early lane departure warning systems used single video cameras to monitor lane markings, but modern systems that use visual information typically use video cameras.”  Also new to these safety features on your new GMC trucks in Canada are the laser and radar systems available for accuracy.

The systems above that use laser are a bit less accurate given their trouble in extreme weather situations. “The methods that these systems use to provide corrective actions also differ from one situation to another. Some of the first lane-keeping systems made use of electronic stability control systems to keep a vehicle in its lane. This was accomplished by applying a slight braking pressure to the appropriate wheels.”

Modern systems are able to tap into power steering controls to actually provide a gentle steering correction which becomes very important according to our research done on the Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in Ontario, due to the autonomous landing that all of these features have in mind.  In other words, if we are indeed planning to not drive our cars and have them actually drive us in the future, then we will need these active safety features to do more than simply warn us of danger.  We will, indeed, need these GMC trucks in Canada to be equipped to do something about it.