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How to be the Best Car Customer Ever (Part 1)

Handsome mechanic and client woman in auto repair shop.Being a great customer does not have to be a daunting task. Your dealer of GMC Trucks in Ontario has put together some tips so you know how to communicate well with your mechanic.

What qualities make up a good customer? Well, you can bet they will be pleasant. Also, they are non-confrontational. The best way to approach your relationship with your mechanic is to avoid coming in looking for a fight or assuming that they are trying to rip you off. This is even more crucial in the event that something does go wrong. In a nutshell, good customers have the same qualities as good friends. They know how to explain their problems clearly. This is important it saves your mechanic hassle and it saves you money. When they know the details clearly, they are most likely to get thing right the first time.  And if you are ever in doubt, bringing in some cookies is never a bad thing.

It is not an unusual thing for mechanics to go out of their way for consistently friendly customers. When you are dealing with a salesperson, you are most likely to want to continue to have them work with you. It works the same way with a mechanic. If you treat them with kindness, they will want to continue to do business with you.

To begin any good relationship with a mechanic, ask for some good recommendations. Then, when you go into the shop, tell them that that you came in because of a recommendation. Let them know what kind of cars you have and what kind of care you are expecting. They will be impressed that you took the time to ask people where the best mechanic is and that you are so concerned with the care of your car.

What is the Worst Thing Your Mechanic Can Tell You? (Part 2)

safety first on roadAs if having to miss another day of work because of your faithless car isn’t enough, you mechanic has just returned with an apologetic look on his face. Usually this means that your Buick Car in Ontario has really done it this time. To know what you might be able to expect, we have a list of all the truly terrible things he could come back out and tell you.

He says, “Well, you know that giant, like really huge and deep, puddle you crossed? You sort of sucked some water into the cylinders.”

What does this cause you ask? A hydrolocked engine. You see, there are places that water simply should not be. Like maybe inside your iPhone, or your ears, and it definitely should not be in your engine’s cylinders. When it is functioning normally, your engine’s cylinder has air and tiny droplets of fuel inside. The air handles compression. So, when the piston squeezes everything, the pressure just rises. The problem arises because the water is not compressible. So, when the pistons start to compress everything, it just loses instead. We’d like to say that all you have to do it dry the water out, but unfortunately all the expensive parts that are attached to the piston get bent or broken due to the water fighting back. This means, you guessed it, another new engine! As we discussed previously, this will set you back three to ten thousand dollars.

He says, “You see how the paint on your hood has started to bubble? Yeah, that’s because things were getting a little toasty underneath.”

And what is under the hood you ask? Ah, yes. The engine. Now, if you notice that the paint is bubbling before you get to far, you can take action and possibly end up with a cheaper fix. Overheating can be caused by a simple leaky hose, a stuck thermostat, or even just a loose clamp. In these cases you are looking at a $100 fix. But it could cost more if you don’t act. More on that in our next blog.

Sales Records Reached For GMC Trucks

Gmc Logo And Grille.It has been an exciting and eventful year for the GMC truck brand. They have seen a ton of growth and expect to continue to see these remarkable growth spurts throughout this year. They have seen a 12 percent increase in year to date retail sales and 22 percent as a total in sales year to date. It has been since 2006 that GMC has seen sales this great and they had there best month of sales this July. In fact GMC has seen an increase in the sales for every one of their vehicles. GMC stated, “All GMC models had higher sales in July, contributing to six consecutive months of year-over-year retail sales gains.”

The two best selling vehicles for the GMC brand include the Yukon SUV and the Yukon XL SUV. They believe that these two vehicles are the reason they have seen 37 percent over sales increase and an 81 percent increase in retail sales. For the month of July the New Yukon held 79 percent of the retail sales and for the peat six months gave GMC a significant total sales gain.

We also saw some great sales increases for a couple of the Sierra models. They had a total of 6 percent increase for year to date sales and they were up 4 percent for the retail year to date sales. Just like the overall sales, the Sierra had its best month beating sales from July of 2006. One of the best selling Sierra models is, no doubt, the Sierra Denali HD. This vehicle has incredible towing and quality features.

To check out these trucks and many more GMC trucks at dealer in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They have such an incredible selection of vehicles that you are bound to find a vehicle that fits your needs perfectly.