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Changes in GMC Trucks

changeHow do changes impact the new and used GMC trucks of Thunder Bay ON?  Well, depending on the truck, the answer can vary, due in part to the fact that they change to a varying degree.  This year, for example, one of the most popular new GMC Trucks, the GMC Sierra 1500, has very little in the way of anticipated change.  It receives the smallest of changes for 2018, as a matter of fact, and so the effect is small.  However small, the changes do exist and so we will cover them here for you to ponder and use in your consideration of your next GMC Trucks purchase in Thunder Bay Ontario.

One change is an addition of a popular GMC Truck package, the eAssist package at your Truck Dealers in Thunder Bay.  “The eAssist package is now available nationwide after being sold exclusively in California since 2016. This system, which GM calls “mild hybrid,” uses a single electric motor and doesn’t operate as a typical hybrid, meaning it doesn’t power the truck on its own. The lineup adds two new exterior colors—Deep Mahogany Metallic and Red Quartz Tintcoat. Every model now has a backup camera—per a government mandate—and the tire-pressure-monitoring system now has an audible alert when you’re adding air, to indicate when the tire is inflated to the recommended level.”

In the small, yet slightly impactful change category comes things that were untouched as well, believe it or not, as this also bears weight on the new GMC Truck market and choices presented to new truck buyers in Thunder Bay at your local GMC Truck dealer in Thunder Bay Ontario.  Things were removed as well, though only one slight change as the base 1SA trim scraps the outdated 4.2-inch non-touchscreen display for a standard 7.0-inch IntelliLink touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, moving things along in the technological advancement categories.



Twin GMC Trucks

take a close lookDo you know all that there is to know about Thunder Bay GMC trucks for sale in Ontario?  Neither did we, so we set out to gather as many helpful facts as we could, with the purpose of passing them along to you.  Since the number of Thunder Bay GMC Trucks is vast, we have contemplated and landed on one of the best and most popular in its class, the GMC Sierra 1500.  “Despite much in common with the Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra 1500 has a uniquely chiseled design and exclusive features. It alone is available with an adaptive suspension, a versatile split-folding tailgate, and a resilient carbon-fiber cargo bed. The Sierra has a rougher ride than the Ram 1500, but it drives better thanks to responsive steering and restrained body roll.”

It used to be said and proven as well, that the GMC trucks in the Sierra lineup were simply more costly versions of the Silverado.  This is no longer the case as is stated above and proven by our research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer.  Also important is the following, “Don’t be fooled by the half-ton Sierra’s gussied-up image—it’ll upend stumps and tow several tons with ease. Like its General Motors sibling (the Chevrolet Silverado 1500), the Sierra is highly capable and endlessly configurable with a host of potent powertrain pairings.” The top of all things offered on this new truck in Thunder Bay is an optional 6.2-liter V-8 making a class-leading 420 horsepower and towing up to 12,500 pounds when properly equipped; an eight-speed automatic transmission is also available.

Every GMC Sierra in the lineup of new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, boasts an excellent infotainment system, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The handsome GMC trucks in Thunder Bay are said to be slightly less advanced as the Ford F-150, but it covers the bases in every situation and matches the outstanding Silverado pound for pound and so the tasks at hand are accomplished quite well. There exists very little change for the GMC Sierra.




How do changes impact the ne

Too Gorgeous For an Off Road Truck

off roadThe 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 proves that GM’s upmarket truck and SUV brand is getting in the game all the way around when it comes to rough-and-tumble capability and the desire to step and and rival the Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Ram 1500 and Nissan Titan.  It is mentioned online that previously the GMC brand had been more focused on luxury touches like fancy chrome wheels and posh interiors which comes as no big surprise to most in the new and used GMC Truck sales industry, considering the upscale SLT and Denali trim levels account for the vast majority of GMC sales.

So why now does GMC want to get muddy and adventurous? Well, that is only partly true really. “The AT4 adds hardware that’ll take truck buyers off the beaten path, though this GMC isn’t anywhere close to being a Spartan, no-frills work truck.”  There are actually five key features that are well-loved about the GMC Sierra Trucks in Thunder Bay and they can better answer the questions above.

More than stickers and chrome is one thing that is listed by multiple sources online who have reviewed these new GMC Trucks in Canada.  What do they mean by that?  Well, the Sierra AT4 isn’t a cynical marketing ploy, there is some true “all-terrain toughness” that genuinely goes along with these new truck rides.   A factory-installed lift kit that’s included in these new Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in Ontario, also manages to raise the AT4 by two inches, while Rancho monotube shocks, a locking rear differential, a two-speed transfer case and standard all-wheel drive prove this GMC can dare to venture off paved surfaces, so there you have the off road connections — though you might risk getting mud and muck on the truck’s handsome 18- or 20-inch alloy wheels which is sort of making some GMC Truck lovers hesitant.