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Researching Used Cars

car shoppingFinding the right used car for you can be a tricky task, to say the least.  If you are associated with a reputable and trustworthy establishment, such as your Dominion Motors used cars in Canada, then you are ahead of the game.  You will likely, however, still want to check out some of the latest inventory and opinions online.  It is important that you find sources that can be relied upon, rather than randomly looking things up without knowing who you can trust.  In Thunder Bay, at your local preowned car dealership, we recommend considering some of the following sites for good used car information:

JD Power narrowed down the initial list of sites worth considering, but the first list has other websites, such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book.  It also sort of depends on what you are using the expert opinions for also.  Are you looking for safety info?  If so, make sure the site you are consulting specializes in that sort of data.  If you want actual opinions from buyers, you may be better off talking to people you know and trust.  There are so many things that people will leave out when writing a review for a given used car at your GMC Truck Dealer in Thunder Bay.

eBiz and JD Power made a final list of the most helpful sites to research from, they are as follows:  : – Fairly easy to use. Best selection (184). Dealers identified.

CarGurus – Easy to use. Good selection (141 cars). Dealers identified. – Easy to use. Good selection (136). Dealers identified.

Autobytel – Easy to use. Good selection (120). Dealers identified. Not on eBiz list.

eBay Motors – Fairly easy to use. Good selection (120). Not on eBiz list. – Easy to use. Good selection (114). Dealers identified. Features CarMax. Not on eBiz list. – Easy to use. Good selection (113). Dealers identified.

“The Internet is the only place to shop for a used car,” wrote Keith Griffin at “The primary reason is search capability … It allows you to precisely determine what you are looking for, what price you want to pay, what features you want” and how far you want to cast your net.  Research it online if you wish, then search the inventory of a dealer you can trust  like your GMC Truck dealer in Thunder Bay and come see what they have to offer.

Award Winning GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay

award winningWhen it comes to new and used trucks in Canada, we pride ourselves in the sales and service of a full lineup of GMC trucks in Thunder Bay, especially since they have been and continue to be award winning.  “GMC today was recognized as the Most Refined Brand in the 2016 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards. It is the third consecutive year the brand has received this award.”  It is you, the consumer in Canada and the United States, that make this award a reality, as it comes from a perception survey performed by Kelley Blue Book.  “Brand Image Award winners are based on consumer automotive perception data from Kelley Blue Book Strategic Insights’ Brand Watch study.”

This study, mentioned above, according to your GMC Trucks dealership in Thunder Bay, is an online brand and model perception tracking study that connects with 12,000 shoppers of GMC Trucks and other vehicles each year.  Some of the things they are looking for is just how people make their GMC truck sales decisions.  “The comprehensive study provides insight on how shoppers identify important factors influencing their purchase decision and captures brand/model familiarity and loyalty among new-vehicle shoppers.”  Basically, the more brand loyalty any make and model generates, the better they score on the study.

GMC Trucks in Canada received great ratings for the luxury Denali sub-brand as well as overall comfort, interior design and layout, technology features abound, and finally, a name associated with high end sophistication and “prestige”.  Denali, in particular, receives accolades for providing luxury without losing the down to earth, rugged nature of a new truck that consumers crave.  If you want a closer look at the new lineup of all GMC Trucks to see if you agree with Kelley Blue Book’s assessment, then feel free to stop by our GMC Truck Dealership Sales floor in Thunder Bay today!

The Features Leading Buick Cars to Autonomous Driving

self driving carsSo, the Knight Rider was out in left field, huh?  Well, perhaps not.  It is more likely that this car was simply way ahead of its time, that’s all.  In fact, there are six different things recently published by KBB that will each and every one of them have a distinct effect on driving as we progress in time.  Most of them are approaching in what is expected to be the not-so-distant future.  I am writing this article on behalf of Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay as it relates to the future of the Buick Cars for sale there.  At the top of this list are autonomous cars.

Here is how Kelley Blue Book describes it, “You’ve heard of this one already. This is the car that drives itself, thanks to cameras, sensors, radar, lasers and magic. The most well-known autonomous car program is Google’s, which has been around (and succeeding) for years now, but most automakers also are working with technology that will make autonomous cars a reality in the next decade. Nissan is promising such a car in even less time: by 2020.”

Something to keep in mind for the Buick Cars in Thunder Bay and other new cars on the market both in the United States and Canada, is that the autonomous driving features have been around for some time now.  They are “active safety” technologies and they are exactly how the innovators planned it.  With the introduction of features that can “take over” when certain conditions are in place and at safety is at stake, they are warming us up for greater and more complex things to come.  “Some of the ‘active safety’ technologies that act strictly as driver assistance in production cars today are evolving into the systems that will allow the vehicle to take complete control of the driving process in the near future.”  You have likely heard of these features in Buick Cars as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane-centering and parking assist.