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2017 Buick Lacrosse

keyWhen it comes to Buick Cars in Thunder Bay, the new 2017 Buick LaCrosse has many in Canada ready to roll.  Many of the reviews have already come in for these new Buick Cars and they are all saying very promising things.  Edmunds, has the following to report for the United States and Canada, “If you’re shopping for a large sedan, the 2017 Buick LaCrosse is quite simply one of your best options.  Completely redesigned and massively improved for 2017, the new LaCrosse should easily meet your desires if you’re searching for a quieter, more comfortable and more refined car than what is offered in the midsize sedan segment (think Honda Accord and Ford Fusion).”

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that to compare these Buick Cars with other sedans on the market would be a mistake in the fact that they are in a whole other class of luxury.  Buick has been attempting this for awhile now and finally hit the nail on the head with these Thunder Bay Buick Cars in the 2017 LaCrosse lineup.  The Avalon, Cadenza and Impala pale in comparison to the Buick LaCrosse when it comes to features and comfort.

You will see nothing but class on the inside of these Buick Cars and styling that just keeps on going.  “In addition to its classy styling and high-quality, well-equipped cabin, the new LaCrosse offers the refinement, poise and sophistication you expect from the best luxury cars. It can be both comfortable on the highway and stable and secure on curvy back roads without bobbing about like the S.S. Minnow on a three-hour tour.”  When it comes to driving and the spot behind the wheel, your Thunder Bay Dealer will concur, that you will feel total composure, unlike some of the models that came before.  “It is especially composed when the LaCrosse is equipped with the 20-inch wheels that come bundled with a more advanced suspension design.”  We encourage you to drop by your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer and drive one today.

Buick Cars Go Luxury and Compact at the Same Time

sign with big deal on itFor 2015, we offer the full lineup of new Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON.  The Buick Verano is being highlighted this month as we do our best to write all of the interesting information that we have on these awesome, popular new Buick cars in the Sedan segment. This year, new for the first time, the Buick Verano comes standard with OnStar with 4G LTE, which provides a Wi-Fi hotspot that accommodates up to seven mobile devices.  Besides this new feature, which is a delightful one indeed, these new Buick cars in Thunder Bay remain the same from last year.

The Buick cars in the Verano category are very interesting initially due to their classification.  They are compact and yet sedans, small and yet entry level luxury material, offering upscale features and premium driving that only a luxury car could.  The smallness of the beast, however, makes way for Buick cars with an excellent advantage over other larger cars by giving them an edge in fuel efficiency that is truly hard to beat.  Especially when one is looking for so many things that don’t typically go with one another like these Buick cars have to offer in 2015 for your Ontario Canada car dealers this year.

Here is a bit of what one popular review board had to say about these new Buick cars, “The Verano treats you to an attractively trimmed interior with reasonable room for four people, as well as a relatively roomy trunk for a compact car. It also has more sophisticated road manners than you might expect from a small sedan.”  The prices of these Buick cars are super fair as well, with the base models ranging mid twenties to low thirties (for the ultra exquisite Turbo version).

The New Buick Enclave is the Top 10 in Luxury Cars!

Buick EnclaveIf you are setting out to purchase a luxury vehicle, you may think this should be easy, right?  Well, the reality is that there is still research that should be done to determine what really is the best of the best.  Just because a vehicle cost more money and has a few extra bells and whistles, does not mean that it is necessarily “luxury.”  In fact, we often hear people’s stories suggesting quite the opposite.  It is not a good feeling to invest money in a luxury vehicle, only to find that it doesn’t meet your expectations in the end.  Doing research can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming.  At Dominion Motors, we strive to keep our loyal Buick and GMC customers well-informed and prepared to make their next purchase along the way.  We feel the same way about all of our shoppers, whether they are looking for a luxury vehicle or not!  So, we have compiled some research for you here about a luxury Buick that you may want to check out…The Buick Enclave!

The Buick Enclave is currently ranked by as one of the top 10 best luxury cars under $40,000!  When this list was created, it wasn’t only considering SUVs.  It included all types of vehicles, making it even more impressive to see the Buick Enclave prominently listed there!  Here is what Kelley Blue Book had to say about the Buick Enclave:

“For the family in search of an upscale SUV with seating for seven, well-mannered driving dynamics, and innovative safety features like an industry-first front center airbag, the Buick Enclave delivers on all counts, yet does so for thousands less than the competition.”

At Dominion Motors, we are excited to offer the Buick Enclave to all of our shoppers at an affordable price!  Come see us today and take a test drive of the Buick Enclave!  Dominion Motors is your leading dealer of Buick Cars in Thunder Bay and we value you and your time!  Contact us today!