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Research Into Buick Car Safety Features

safety signIn our research and writing on behalf of your Buick car dealership in Thunder Bay ON, we came across many safety features available in a new Buick car in Canada, some brand new and others have been around for some time.  The 2013 model year brought with it many added safety features for new Buick cars in Thunder Bay.  “Buick added a host of safety features for 2013: a standard backup camera and optional cross-traffic and blindspot alerts to the Verano, a standard front-center airbag for the Enclave and optional forward collision and lane departure warnings for the new Encore.”

An intriguing find in our research was that Buick, rather than repurposing the radar from adaptive cruise control mounted near or in the car’s grille — often the way collision warning systems work — decided to make the Buick Encore capable of seeing oncoming obstacles with a windshield-mounted camera that takes 10 to 12 images per second.  “It looks at the change in size of [the] object as you approach it,” GM safety engineer Ray Kiefer told us last week. “It works much like the human eye.”

Another interesting tidbit is that the system doesn’t engage automatic braking, which some do. However, it is still capable in the area of helping to avoid fender benders and lower repair costs for the ones that happen.  We stumbled upon one particular study in the new Buick car world, about the features listed above and their effectiveness in adding safety to the roadways.  Here are some of the details, “A study released last month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports crash-avoidance technologies are having ‘some clear success stories.’


Added Convenience Features in New Buick Cars

park assistFront and Rear Ultrasonic Parking Assist can help drivers avoid certain objects in their path during low-speed parking and many prefer the option, now available on the new Buick car lineup in Thunder Bay, just as an extra safety precaution when attempting to park in difficult spaces. Front and Rear Parking Assist may not detect all objects, such as pedestrians or objects below the bumper. For this reason alone, drivers should remember to always check the area around the vehicle before moving forward or backing up.  This is common sense, but with all of the latest and greatest technology bombarding us left and right in this world, namely the automobile world, it can be easy to let your guard down and end up in a disastrous scenario.

The feature uses multiple ultrasonic sensors located on both the front and rear bumpers, in order to operate on new Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON.  “When moving below five miles per hour (or eight kilometers per hour), the sensors may detect objects up to eight feet (2.4 m) behind the vehicle and up to four feet (1.2 m) in front of the vehicle.”

In Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON, which possess this parking feature, when an object is first detected while backing up in reverse gear, Rear Parking Assist emits beeps through the rear speakers, or, if the vehicle is equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, the seat pulses two times.  “As the vehicle gets closer to the detected object, distance-to-object information may be displayed, which will change from yellow to amber to red. On some vehicles, the time between beeps may get shorter as the vehicle approaches the detected object.”  Then, when an object is within two feet (0.6 m) of the bumper, five repeating beeps are played from the rear speakers, or, if the vehicle is equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, it pulses five times on both sides, this continues and develops into a continuous tone from the rear speakers once it gets within .3m of the new Buick car in Thunder Bay.

Buick Rear Park Assist

back sensorToday, we are focusing on safety features that exist on many of the new Buick cars in Thunder Bay Ontario.  We know that the Buick Avenir, one of the latest Buick cars on the market in Canada, has numerous safety and driver assistance technologies available.  We ended up listing them in the previous post, but this time around, we want to go into more details regarding a subject that is very important in new Buick cars in Canada.  In fact many of these particular safety features on other Regal Sportback models come standard on Buick Avenir, including Rear Park Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, LED headlamps with auto leveling, cornering lamps and driver side auto-dimming mirrors. Additional active safety technologies, including Adaptive Cruise Control – Advanced, are also available.

Let’s start with rear park assist. The thing with this new Buick car feature in Thunder Bay is, much like many other added feature that has come along in the last decade or so, it is not at all necessary in order to safely own and operate a new car, right?  But wouldn’t it be great if we knew for sure that we could fit nicely in that apparently tight spot? What if you are too uncertain of your own abilities to give that same spot a try? “That’s where active parking features can be your best friend and can tuck you into that dreaded space right in front of that restaurant.”

While most cars can be optioned to include a backup camera and parking sensors, active parking features take it to the next level and this would be something any Buick car owner in Thunder Bay would tell you.  Especially those who opted for the park assist feature.  It’s without complication when it comes to execution, “Simply, press a button and the car searches for a spot large enough to accommodate itself—and alerts you when it locates one. The onboard screen then guides you through your next steps. All you’ll need to do at that point is control the gas, brake, and gearshift while the car steers you into that spot perfectly.”