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Features and Happenings Under the Hood of This GMC Truck

sneak peakIn today’s new GMC Truck lineup at your local Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in Ontario, there exist many features, some of which are optional and others of which are standard.  Today, we will chat about what the available Traction Select system modes are and a variety of other specific details surrounding available new truck features in Thunder Bay ON.  First, consider the following excerpt from a reputable source online:

  • Tour: The default mode of operation at every start-up, Tour is designed to deliver the right blend of refinement and efficiency for everyday use.
  • Sport: The transmission is eager to downshift in order to keep the engine in its peak powerband. Power steering assist is slightly reduced, making the steering feel more direct, communicative and sporty.
  • Snow: Available only on two-wheel-drive Sierras, Snow Mode optimizes  Sierra’s driveline for driving in wintry weather. In addition to leveraging Sierra’s standard Traction Control and StabiliTrak stability control systems, Snow Mode also provides a slower, less sensitive accelerator pedal calibration.
  • Off-Road: Designed for use for higher-speed driving on non-paved surfaces, Off-Road mode incorporates the same accelerator calibration as Snow Mode, giving the driver precise throttle control. Also incorporates unique StabiliTrak and traction control calibrations that allow for a little more wheelslip than on dry surfaces, in order to help carry momentum — important on gravel or in muddy situations.
  • Tow/Haul: Modifies the transmission calibration so that shift points are higher, allowing the engine to deliver peak power. It also initiates downshifts earlier in order to leverage engine braking and reduce wear on brake components. Tow/Haul also engages Grade Braking functionality so that on long, downhill stretches, a light touch of the brake pedal can initiate a downshift to slow the vehicle more efficiently.

Popping the hood of these Denali Thunder Bay GMC Trucks, gives us insight into engine options as well, which are as follows: optional 6.2L V-8 include a 10-speed automatic transmission designed to improve shift quality. “It incorporates a new centrifugal pendulum absorber torque converter that reduces vibrations to improve smoothness, particularly during cylinder deactivation events.”  More feature and option details will follow in future posts.  Stop by your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer for more information and a test drive today.

Buick Car Design Computer Models

car designThe Buick cars in Thunder Bay are typically our subject for discussion here and last post entered into the realm of design specific conversation.  When it comes to designing a car, we must understand that much goes in behind the scenes.  “To give the car it’s distinctive look, Buick and Opal created computer models to help them manage all of the proportions, the way the car looks from a distance, and how it looks among other vehicles (which they also generate as computer models).”  In addition to computer generated help during the design process, good old fashioned clay models are also sometimes constructed for a tactile approach to the design process.

Remember, too, that designing cars, such as your Buick cars for sale in Thunder Bay ON, is a total process, not a one and done concept.  “One example had to do with how the TourX has a lift gate that integrates into the tail light – the version we see went through versions that led to a more emotional response. Another interesting design aesthetic – while the TourX is technically the same height as the Regal sedan, it looks much lower to the ground.”

The computer generated model proves especially helpful in practically all aspects of new car design.  “This visualization technique – creating models that are placed into virtual settings – goes beyond the design lab, though. Boniface says his team holds ‘clinics’ with prospective buyers to show them the computer models, asking them to pick their favorites.”  Stats are also utilized, according to our finding while researching new car designs on behalf of your Buick car dealerships in Ontario.  “This is a data-intensive exercise as well. The clinic participants provide feedback and then the rankings are weighted based on whether that person might have indicated they prefer a certain brand or have a bias toward a more conventional look.”

New Buick cars in Canada

globeSo, if you follow new cars of whichever type because you are an enthusiast, or perhaps you have nothing better to do, then you may notice that certain makes and models are released in specific parts of the world exclusively.  Sometimes it is actually frustrating when it is a car that you have your eyes and heart set on and it never quite makes it to your neck of the woods. We write on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in Ontario and recently followed news on the Buick Enspire, making its way into China.  These cars are not here or in Canada as of yet, so it is a great example of the above dilemma.

Why do certain automakers only release to certain geographic location around the globe?  Well Buick cars in Thunder Bay are a hit in Canada, but it is the honest reality that Buick cars are a bigger hit in China.  “It’s also bound for China, where Buick is big. That’s not to say that the Enspire—or something like it, perhaps the next-generation Encore?—wouldn’t have a future in the U.S., but its debut at a Chinese auto show first is telling.”

As far as the Buick car itself, despite the fact it is the first electric Buick car in Thunder Bay ON, it still carries some of the brand’s familiar shapes forward. The Buick Enspire at your local Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay in the future, has a hood and angles that look borrowed from the current Buick LaCrosse sedan, however, its grille and body sides are very new.  “The Enspire’s rear hatch borrows liberally from the Avenir concept from just a few years ago—and with good effect. The Enspire’s rear third is distinctive, even somewhat sporty.”  Your Thunder Bay Buick car dealer also notes that the inside looks like a cockpit and is more futuristic. See for yourself when these new Buick cars become available at your Buick car dealer in Thunder Bay ON.