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Behind the Wheel of This New GMC Truck

newIn our efforts to deliver the latest news and information surrounding the GMC trucks for sale in Thunder Bay ON, we have to keep our eyes and ears to the ground for new happenings.  Today, we want to discuss the upcoming 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 that hit the headlines a few short weeks ago.  “If you’re looking for a full-size pickup whose athletic attitude and appearance match its aptitude and ability – and can confidently travel off-road without sacrificing the refinement and technologies of a GMC – look no further than the 2019 GMC Sierra AT4.”

At your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in Canada, we know that the introduction of GMC’s new AT4 model line is nothing short of noteworthy and that the Sierra AT4 in the Thunder Bay New Truck lineup will be impactful to all of our GMC Truck sales in Ontario and our GMC truck customers.  These new trucks are purpose-built to deliver distinctive style, advanced technologies, and off-road capability, making them qualify as premium-grade full-size pickup trucks.  These new trucks are completely at home on the open road or off the beaten path.

But, how will these new trucks look?  We know that at the risk of sounding shallow, everyone wants to know about their appearance behind the wheel of their next new GMC Truck in Canada will be.  “Sierra AT4 builds off the bold, chiseled forms of the Next Generation 2019 Sierra, and creates a personality of its own through a number of unique visual cues that enhance its confident, broad-shouldered stance with sophisticated, functional design elements.”  We encourage you to shop your local Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealership and drive one of the new trucks in the GMC Sierra family today.

GMC Trucks Made With Care and Craftsmanship

craftsmanshipWe recently set out to elaborate on the GMC Terrain in Thunder Bay ON and found that these SUVs are similar to a football in that aerodynamics play a key role throughout.  The idea was captured from the GMC website in Canada, but was such a great way of illustrating some of the best new features in this lineup of new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, that we decided to mix it up a bit and include the same idea here for our GMC Truck customers in Canada.  “What do a football and an SUV have in common? Both rely on exceptional aerodynamics to perform to their fullest, and the GMC Terrain and Wilson leather NFL game footballs are perfect examples. “

Those responsible for testing out these new GMC Terrain SUVs, were on top of their game, as engineers clocked more than 300 hours in the wind tunnel to refine every surface of the Terrain, from the front grille to the rear spoiler. Here is what they had to say about these new SUVS for sale at your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer, “Reducing the aerodynamic drag of an SUV is always a challenge,” said GMC Aerodynamic Engineer Alicia Bidwell. “Our engineering team paid attention to even the smallest details to deliver the size and cargo space our customers want.”

Also worth pointing out and explaining further is the lifted nature of these new GMC Terrain SUVs and what was done to combat the negative effects of such a situation.  “The Terrain’s lifted stance means that more air can flow under the vehicle and pressurize the chassis components, which increases aerodynamic drag. To reduce this drag and optimize aero performance, Terrain aerodynamicists used testing and simulation to craft features that effectively guide air to the back of the vehicle.”  Attention to the finer points and details along the way is nothing new when it comes to GMC Truck design, so most of us are not surprised at all, still it is good to know that your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay evolved out of so much care and craftsmanship.

New Info From Under The Hood of a GMC Truck

newWhen it comes to under the hood dynamics of the new GMC truck lineup in Thunder Bay, we left that part off in the previous post.  This was intentional, as we can easily take up an entire article on the ins and outs of the GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay ON simply looking under the hood.  One thing about new trucks, like the GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay, is that they constantly juggle the need to balance efficiency with power.

GMC Trucks have coined the phrase “sufficiently efficient” for this very reason.  Offering a total of six different power train, GMC Trucks have all they need to get the job done and offer a multitude of choices to all who follow and purchase them.  We found the following pertinent information to share regarding the situation under the hoods of the new GMC Trucks in Canada, “Two new gasoline V-8 engines—a 5.3-liter unit and a 6.2-liter—promise improved efficiency by way of General Motors’ new Dynamic Fuel Management system, which can cut fuel flow to between one and seven cylinders as conditions permit.”

There is one that is new to the lineup as well.  “New to the lineup is a diesel-drinking turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. Chevy has yet to reveal horsepower, torque, or fuel-economy predictions for any of the Silverado powertrains, but brand officials did note that both the 6.2-liter V-8 and the turbo-diesel will feature stop/start technology and mate to a 10-speed automatic transmission.”  For more information regarding the GMC Truck lineup in Thunder Bay, we encourage you to follow our post here for the latest information and questions answered in our research on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealer in Canada.