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Where Consumers Lead With GMC Trucks

new customersWe are on a quest to bring you the latest and most interesting, hopefully pertinent information of new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer in ON.  This just in, “Oshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, June 12, 2018) — GMC is expanding its premium Yukon line with the addition of two 2019 Graphite Editions.”  We will attempt to sum up the details regarding the above headline on behalf of your GMC trucks dealerships in Canada.

First off, the all-new Yukon Graphite Edition offers a darkened exterior appearance, while the Yukon Graphite Performance Edition adds vehicle performance upgrades. One is obviously for aesthetic purposes only, while the other has new features to look forward to when you shop your next new GMC Trucks in Canada.  It is also worth mentioning, for consumer expectation purposes, that the Graphite Editions are exclusively available on SLT trim vehicles and can be ordered on either Yukon or Yukon XL in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

“The Yukon continues to lead the Canadian full-size SUV segment by providing premium features and a well-respected brand identity,” said Michael MacPhee, brand director, GMC In Canada. “The all-new Graphite Edition provides customers the opportunity to display distinct GMC style by building on the commanding road presence and inherent capabilities of the Yukon.”  There are many things we find our Thunder Bay GMC truck customers in search and need of when scoping out their next new truck. Hopefully this addition to the lineup will help satisfy some of those wants and needs in Thunder Bay Ontario.  In addition to the above, the Yukon graphite edition also adds 22 inch bright machined wheels with Carbon Flash Metallic pockets, black assist steps with gloss black accents, premium black chrome grille mesh insert and fog lamp surrounds, body-colour grille surround, black roof rails, gloss black beltline mouldings and additional black trim.  Once again, the consumers were consulted as is the case with many GMC trucks in the making.  The list of additions was compiled from consumer requests and this is where they led.

Building Two Different Versions in GMC Trucks

two versionsIn recent efforts to bring you late breaking news regarding the GMC Trucks for sale in Canada at your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership, we follow some of what many different credible sources have to share online.  Jerry Dias, president of Canada’s Unifor union, said he doesn’t know when production of the current model will end and this is news we wanted to pass along on behalf of your Thunder Bay Dealership in Canada so that you can learn more about the Equinox upon which we settled our discussions in the previous post but never really took the time to wrap up.  We plan to do that here.

“They are being very careful about what they are announcing right now. But they have invested a fortune in Oshawa,” Dias said. “Right now the commitment is to the existing portfolio. More decisions will be made.”  We also know, according to our recent research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck sales that the idea of building two different versions of the same nameplate isn’t new to the industry — and certainly not to General Motors.

Here is an actual example of Thunder Bay GMC Trucks doing the above mentioned, “As the automaker transitioned to the next-generation Equinox in early 2017, it still produced the outgoing model alongside the new version for a time. Unfinished Equinox vehicles were sent to Oshawa from GM Canada’s Ingersoll, Ont., plant. Eventually, Oshawa stopped receiving the overflow Equinox.”  When it comes to the latest information surrounding the Equinox, as well as other Buick cars and GMC Trucks for sale in Thunder Bay, we will push to stay on top of new information worth sharing, but for now the heads up of what is expected above is about all we could find to close out this subject.  Stay tuned to our website for more news on GMC Trucks sales in Thunder Bay and future worthwhile developments.

Certified Pre-Owned Buick Cars

CertifiedWe have decided to skip down the trail of certified preowned and bring to you some of the latest information from the industry when it comes to Buick cars and GMC trucks, as well as other makes and how they pertain to the current certified pre owned market category.  First of all, what is it?  Well, it can mean something slightly different from brand to brand, so we will focus, first, on what we uncovered from the Buick site since we are bringing you information on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Dealership in Ontario.

Here is what Buick Cars can offer in the CPO program,“Introducing our improved CPO benefits package. For starters, we’ve extended the Powertrain Limited Warranty to 6 years or 100,000 miles1 for greater peace of mind. Plus, every Certified Pre-Owned Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicle is inspected and reconditioned by authorized trained technicians to meet GM standards. There’s more. We look out for you even after your purchase with our exclusive CPO Scheduled Maintenance Program2 with two included maintenance visits. Altogether, you enjoy over $2,800 of Built-in Value3—that’s a greater value than ever before.”

How does a used Buick Car in Thunder Bay earn certified preowned status in the first place, you may ask?  Well, to be certified, all pre-owned vehicles must go through a strict evaluation and meet tight premium manufacturing standards to earn the Certified Pre-Owned title. Vehicles will qualify for the evaluation if they comply with the following requirements listed below and obtained from the Buick website on behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Cars Sales in Canada:

Are a Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC

Be within current plus-5 model years

Be within a maximum of 75,000 vehicle miles

Pass our 172-Point Vehicle Inspection and Reconditioning Process

Have a clean title

Come with a Vehicle History Report