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Hauling and Home Projects in Your GMC Truck

Given the nature of the GMC Trucks in Canada and the United States, we know how helpful they can be in many different ways and in many different areas of terrain.  There are projects that many of us face and want to pull off outdoors that would all go more smoothly with a GMC Truck from Thunder Bay.  “With the weather warming up in Wisconsin, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and tackle some of those projects you’ve been waiting to start. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your landscape, make an addition to your yard, or just throw a few fun features into your backyard, most summer DIY projects take some serious work power from both you and your vehicle.”

Choose GMC Pickup Power for your next summer project, or winter too, in Canada.  You don’t want to be limited from your GMC truck and its potential lack of ability.  GMC has a full line of pickup trucks that will do the trick in Thunder Bay ON.  “GMC’s line of pickups, including the Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500HD, and Sierra 3500HD full-size trucks and the mid-size Canyon, are built to haul and tow any equipment you may need.”

The GMC Sierra 1500 trucks will offer the most powerful gas V8 engine in the segment, giving it up to 420 horsepower and 11,700 pounds of conventional towing power. When you upgrade to one of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in the heavy-duty Sierra lineup, you will get up to 20,000 lbs of towing capability and an amazing 3,843-lb payload.  This will allow you to accomplish even more.  You can take on even more projects with peace and quiet too and luxury also, actually.  “You can take on all your projects with style with the luxuriously-styled and quiet interior of your GMC truck. Each GMC pickup also comes with available technology like navigation touch screens and smartphone connectivity so that you can turn your vehicle into your mobile office.”

GMC Trucks and Configuration Options

abcWhen it comes to GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, one of the first in its class is the Sierra.  Also, you cannot talk about the Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in the GMC Sierra lineup without also visiting the Ford F150 and the Chevy Silverado as well.  The Sierra 1500 is now considered a definite candidate for purchase when pitted against the above two super stars.  This just in from Car and Driver, “Overview: If the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ford F-150 are the two mainstream consumer candidates in the full-size pickup-truck race, then consider the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 a viable third-party alternative. Sure, the GMC technically espouses the same values as the mechanically identical Chevy, but the Sierra does so without the bow-tie badge and with a slightly more white-collar image.”

There exist three different cab configurations and bed lengths, four trim levels, and five powertrain choices, all available for this GMC truck in Thunder Bay ON. All two-door standard-cab Sierra 1500s come equipped with seating for three people, and the double cab adds a rear bench seat for additional passengers or cargo, plus two small rear doors. A 6.5-foot box is standard in both of these GMC Truck cabs, although an 8.0-foot box is offered on single-cab models in addition to the above offerings at your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealership. With an available 5.8-foot bed, the bigger crew cab trades cargo space for additional rear-seat room.  Depending upon which is more important to you, this is a nice choice to have.  However, you don’t have to make any sacrifices if you opt for a four-by-four crew cab ion the GMC Truck lineup, which also is available with the 6.5-foot bed.

Take one or more of these Thunder Bay GMC trucks out on the roadway for a test drive and compare the feel and space provided in each configuration.  You will know in no time which one is best suited for you and your family’s needs.

A Common Buick Cars and GMC Trucks Quest

complimentaryYour Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealership in ON has us writing on their behalf in order to deliver you the latest news on GMC Trucks and Buick Cars as it pertains to the dealership in Canada and Thunder Bay customers who want to stay on top of the most late breaking information in the industry.  According to our most recent research regarding your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer, we have found the following to be true and confirmed the details with a recent press release from Buick Cars in Canada, “Building on GMC Sierra’s advanced powertrain technologies, new eAssist technology enhances its position as one of the industry’s most innovative and capable trucks, helping it achieve up to 9 percent greater city fuel economy – and solidifying its segment-best ranking for V8 efficiency.”

The new eAssist system, beginning this spring, is exclusively available on the already well-equipped 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT crew cab 4WD model with the SLT Premium Plus package. For 2016, GMC Trucks, according to our research on behalf of your Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay, will be producing a limited number of eAssist models for the Canadian market.

“Innovative technology that enhances capability is at the core of everything we do at GMC and the new Sierra with eAssist takes it to a higher level,” said Mike Speranzini, brand director Buick GMC. “Its advantages are delivered in a compromise-free package that enables real-world fuel savings with premium content that provides a very high level of refinement, comfort and connectivity.”  When it comes to GMC Trucks in Canada, or any make model of truck anywhere, for that matter, it is of the utmost top priority to create and deliver a truck with the most power imaginable in the greatest efficiency known.  It sounds like GMC trucks are on target when it comes to the common quest.