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The Latest on Some of Canada’s GMC Trucks

latest newsWe, on behalf of GMC Trucks in Canada, like to bring you the latest information surrounding the new and used GMC trucks in Thunder Bay and part of that relies upon information that we gather from the reliable sources we encounter online.  Recently read and captured is the fact that GMC is upgrading the consolidated line at its Oshawa assembly plant. “An earlier version of this story referred to the incorrect line being upgraded.”

As it pertains specifically to these new trucks in Canada, General Motors Canada will indeed assemble the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado at its Oshawa plant, but they won’t be the redesigned 2019 models, according to the most accurate sources I have seen online.  As it pertains specifically to the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay in the Silverado family, “GM unveiled the sleeker, more aerodynamic 2019 Silverado on Saturday in Texas.”

Instead, the plant will finish assembling and paint outgoing 2018 models shipped to Oshawa from Fort Wayne, Ind., for the foreseeable future, according to the same sources who provided the above information on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC truck sales in Canada.  Furthermore, we found the following inside information as well, “Oshawa will be building current model (K2) pickups that helps us meet customer demand while we are in transition to next-generation (T1) pickups,” GM Canada spokeswoman Jennifer Wright wrote in an email to Automotive News Canada. “This strategy will help us meet customer demand as we transition our production and introduce our exciting new models into the market starting later in 2018.

“The length of the program in Oshawa will be dependent on market demand.”

Buick Verano Combined Compact and Feature-filled

five starLooking up close today at one of the Buick cars in Thunder Bay ON from the past, the Buick Verano from 2013, we see an awesome opportunity at a used Buick car in Canada for those who see the excellent value in a preowned car.  “A posh ride, quiet cabin, a plethora of standard goodies and some hefty trunk space and value-laden pricing, not to mention the newly available turbocharged powerplant, keep Buick’s down-sized 2013 Verano 4-door a winner.”

If there’s one thing that the 2013 Buick Verano in Thunder Bay proved, , it’s that compact doesn’t necessarily mean contemptible. Reducing its overall size made these new Buick cars in Canada actually more appealing if you ask most who have taken the time to drive one. Critics from the Car Guru:  “This downsized 4-door carries enough bells and whistles to satisfy the entry-level-luxury aficionado, while a new turbocharged four-banger adds some much needed power and pizzazz. All in all, the pint-size Verano offers some perfectly proportioned posh for budget-friendly bucks.”

IF you are one to consider preowned Buick Cars in Canada, you will notice that upon first glance, the Buick cars in this Verano lineup in Thunder Bay Canada, are small plus luxury plus style equals value in the 2013 Buick Verano compact sedan. Able to seat up to five people, this 4 door Buick Verano in Thunder Bay is in what many call entry-level luxury comfort, as well as toting a massive (for its compact dimensions) 14.3 cubic feet of trunk space, “scads of standard features and for 2013, an available turbocharged 4-cylinder powerplant.”  You would think that these things don’t jive, but the Buick Verano in Thunder Bay puts them together with class.  Swing by your Buick Car Dealership in Thunder Bay ON today and take one for a spin.


GMC Trucks Use Electric So Early On

first moveWe have perused down the aisle of GMC truck history and we want to diverge onto something slightly different in the same category of awesome GMC trucks for sale in Canada.  When it comes to GMC trucks in Thunder Bay, there is quite a lot that can be discussed and shared amongst those who love them.  The one new GMC truck that we have decided to focus on today, involves the Denali level truck for sale in Canada.  “The Denali super-premium sub-brand accounts for 29.2% of GMC sales this year, up from 19% in 2014. Denali models account for about 60% of Yukon and Yukon XL sales. GMC has sold more than a million Denalis since launching the brand in 1999. Virtually all GMC advertising features Denalis.”

Moving on with other GMC truck history, we know that GMC built battery-powered electric trucks that could haul from 1,000 pounds to 6 tons in 1912. I wonder if anyone actually realizes how early in history that GMC trucks were offering electric options such as the one described here?  GMC began using Detroit Diesel engines in 1931, that is another piece of historical trivia that we uncovered when researching the topic on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in Canada.

Another bit of intriguing GMC truck history that we will finish up on is the fact that GMC built almost 584,000 military vehicles during WWII, including 430,000 6×6 2.5-ton Army trucks and 26,000 6×6 amphibious Ducks, some of which are still in use as tourist vehicles.  If you adore the GMC truck lineup as much as we do, and you enjoy a good lesson in history, then be sure to read the next post as we continue on with all that we have learned about GMC trucks in Thunder Bay.