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Trim Level Progress in a GMC Truck

numbersDiving deeper into the GMC Trucks in the Canyon family, we find that that for the majority of this truck’s life, its standard four- and five-cylinder engines were lacking in the power department, which limited the truck’s ability to comfortably haul cargo or tow heavy loads. Build quality was average at best, and many items within the truck’s cabin felt flimsy and cheap, but we are so glad to report that this year, all of these issues have been addressed head-on, and the final product is amazing.

“The current GMC Canyon is a standout in its segment, and its robust power, pleasant driving dynamics and agreeable cabin should hit the sweet spot for many who are in the market for a midsize truck.”

The GMC Canyon trucks in Thunder Bay ON, gives buyers a choice of two body styles: extended cab or crew cab. Extended-cab models seat four, while crew-cab models seat five. Extended-cab Canyons haul loads with a box that measures 74 inches in length, while crew-cab models offer buyers the choice of a 74-inch or 61.7-inch box.  Consumers of this amazing new truck in Thunder Bay ON will have the choice of five different trim levels and they are: SL, base Canyon, SLE, SLT and Denali. SL models are sold solely with an extended cab for those of you with bigger families and come with a list of more basic features such as the following: 16-inch wheels, vinyl floor covering, a six-speaker sound system and a rearview camera.  The base GMC Canyon models are available with a crew or extended cab and add standard carpeting along with added options that fall outside of the basic Thunder Bay GMC Trucks mode and into the more advanced technology, such as OnStar telematics and remote keyless entry. There is more to gain on these new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON when you continue up the trim level line.


New or Used GMC Trucks?

old and new shoesLooking at our second category of discussion, we land upon the subject of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON and we have decided to look closer at the GMC Yukon SUV.  It is actually one of the best SUVs on the market today. “Its engines never feel short on power, and it has a richer cabin than most rivals. While large SUVs aren’t exactly fuel sippers, the Yukon gets better gas mileage than many class rivals. However, some competitors have smoother rides and higher towing capacities than the Yukon, but really most who like the GMC Yukon are not looking for any more than exactly what these Thunder Bay GMC Trucks has to offer.

The Yukon is worth a definite look, especially if you want an upscale SUV that makes a good people hauler as these Thunder Bay GMC trucks do. You always have a choice in a new or used GMC Truck in Thunder Bay as well.  In order to help you decide upon these particular GMC trucks, we have outlined the changes from 2015 to now.  “The current generation of the GMC Yukon began with the 2015 model year, and there have been few major changes since then. The 2016 model added lane keep assist, while the 2017 added low-speed automatic braking. The 2018 Yukon gains a 10-speed transmission in the Denali trim.”  The crux of this decision much be made on the following premise:  You can potentially save thousands of dollars by shopping for a used car instead of a new one, though older models may not have as many features.

You can and should ask around about opinions that are had based on experience with any of the previous GMC Yukon years before deciding which of the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON best suits your needs.  Also, check US News reviews on GMC trucks from any and all model years.

The Full Analysis of the Buick Envision

valuesLooking closer at the Buick Envision in Thunder Bay, after having introduced the idea that most of the world is situated with small SUVs right now, we have decided to go further into details about these new Buick cars so that you can stand a better chance of making the best decision when it’s time to buy your next new Buick car for your family’s needs.  The Thunder Bay Buick Envision has a comfortable, well-built interior and a robust features list. It’s positioned between luxury and traditional compact SUVs on the marketplace and is most definitely what we would call a worthwhile option for those seeking a new Buick cars in Canada.

When asking yourself the question as to whether or not you ought to consider the Buick Envision, you will want to look at the details both inside, outside and under the hood.  “The Envision debuted for the 2016 model year. For 2017, it added three new trims, a new base engine, and additional features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Teen Driver. There are no major changes for 2018, which means you can save yourself some money by shopping used, without sacrificing many features.”  That is almost always a great idea, to look for the option of preowned Buick cars in Thunder Bay when it comes to replacing any car, the used version is almost always worth your consideration.

On behalf of your Thunder Bay Buick Car Dealer in Canada, we did much in the way of research online in order to bring you the latest in information on the Buick Envision cars for sale in Canada. “We analyzed 25 Buick Envision reviews to give you an idea of this SUV’s pros and cons. We’ve also included information on fuel economy, safety, and price to help you decide if the 2018 Envision is the right SUV for you.”  Please stay tuned to the articles on this site on behalf of your Buick Envision Buick Car Dealers in Thunder Bay and we will fill you in on more reasons to consider one of these New Buick Cars in Canada.